Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bee Movie

It's routine for us to read books before naps and bedtime. Chandler found this Bee Movie book at the library and has been looking at it over and over. He's also wanted to watch the movie more. I love his speech at this point - how he mispronounces a lot of his words, it's so dang cute.
My favorite is how he says Vanessa - "Ba-Nessa!!" I sounds even funnier since he has been trying to get over this sinus infection and is pretty plugged up.
There's another place where he is saying "Pollen Jocks" over and over but it sounds more like "powojacks"


S. Fantasia said...

So cute! Ba-nessa!! It's so fun when they start just talking away like little men.

Avry said...

I love how he can talk now. It was so fun hearing him say every animal as I would point at them in the puzzle. He is sure growing up.

The McClellan Family said...

I love your movies you post. So Cute! I can't believe we are leaving Rigby either. Never thought I'd see this day come. The girls that did the jewlery party were from Idaho Falls. What they do is bring a bunch of jewelry and you get to go through and buy right then and there. Nothing is over $20. KInda cool. How are you liking UTah?

Aurelia said...

so so cute!
we love the Bee movie too!

Sara Birch said...

Cute, cute! He is talking so much better now!