Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cutting it all Off

I've been toying with cutting my hair for quite some time.  My hair had gotten really long, more than halfway down my back.  Sure it was pretty, but just not feasible.  It was a nightmare to comb through after a shower, it got caught in my armpits, Nova pulls it out by the handful, Marshall rolls on it at night and pulls it, it takes 40 minutes to dry and style.  Because of those things listed, it was in a pony tail or bun 90% of the time and I wore it wet more often than not.  I decided to act on an impulse and cut it all off.  Not just to my shoulders, bob or a-line but in a pixie cut.  I took some before pictures....

And took these pictures with me for inspiration.

I went to a posh salon in Salt Lake that was pretty expensive but I wanted someone who knew what they were doing with pixie cuts.  We decided on the shortest pixie cut as it would work best with my hair type.  I have incredibly thick, coarse and naturally curly hair in the back.  It's both a blessing and a curse.  Any time I get my hair cut by someone who doesn't know me, they comment multiple times on how thick it is.  Once we cut the braid off that I will donate, my head felt so much lighter!

Margo, the gal who cut my hair did such a fantastic job!  I'm still trying to figure out the back since it's got so much curl.  It's a little weird right now and I'm going to try a few things but I absolutely love the front.  I feel proud of myself for being brave and daring and trying something new.  Hair will grow back. :)

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about the cut.  One minute I love it and the next minute I'm not so sure.  Running is so nice though, no heavy hair beating on my back with every step that I take.  I also notice that I am better about getting ready in the morning, full makeup and my hair is done in 10 minutes instead of 40!