Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dentist

I decided it would be a good idea to take the boys to the dentist a few weeks back.  I had noticed Chandler's front teeth seemed a little yellowed, plus now was as good of time as ever, right?  After looking over Chandler's teeth, the dentist noticed a few things.  The reason his front teeth are discolored - they are dying?  I guess sometime or another he's hit them hard enough that he killed them.  They could get worse, even black, or just stay slightly discolored.  He also noted that Chandler has a lot of white deposits on his teeth which are basically where his enamel is really weak.  And the best part, he had two cavities, one which was really big.  At this point, I'm a little miffed that he has inherited my teeth.  Of ALL things, that is the one thing I wanted him to get from his dad.  Marshall has perfect teeth, a little too perfect.  He's never had braces and never had a cavity.  Crazy, huh?  Me on the other hand - I think every tooth in my mouth is filled, and I was a prisoner to braces for 3 1/2 years.  Not to mention the Mr. Ed horse headgear I had to wear for a year, and the fact that I am missing 5 of my permanent teeth.  That's right - I'm missing all 4 of my wisdom teeth and a tooth on my bottom left side, where I've had an implant done.  Guess it is hereditary but can't figure out who I inherited it from?
We made an appointment to get Chandler's teeth filled.  The catch - the dentist needed Chan to be still for about 15 minutes, and there was no way a wiggly 3 year old was going to do that. The dr. suggested a mild sedative which would make him groggy but wouldn't knock him out.   It would also erase his memory.  After leaving, I felt really apprehensive about sedating Chan, but knew that he needed the cavities filled.  After finding out the sedative was called Versed, I decided to do a little research on my own. A friend on Chandler's playgroup board posted some information on how respiratory issues can come from Versed.  After weighing the pros and cons, we decided to go ahead and do it.  The ped dentist was great.  He kept telling Chandler what he was doing, and then would give him a sticker for doing a good job.  I think we came home with over 10 stickers.  They started monitoring his heart and pulse.  The dentist heard Chan cough once and said he wouldn't do the sedative if he was sick.  This is one place where respiratory issues can come in.  After listening to him for a few minutes, he said his lungs sounded perfect and asked me again if he'd been sick.  They proceeded to give him the sedative and he calmed right down.  They also gave him some laughing gas and started.  He was really calm for the most part and didn't squirm much.  He was also pretty happy to be watching Kung Fu Panda.  While he was numbing the one side of Chandler's mouth, he showed me just how deep and huge the one cavity was.  I couldn't believe it hadn't been causing Chan tons of pain.  He said it was bad enough they could do a root canal, but he wanted to stay away from that if he could.  Every couple minutes he kept listening to Chan's lungs, and they started to sound a little wheezy.  He got finished up and then proceeded to give him something else, should have asked the name to help reverse the effects of the Versed and wake him up.  When he started to get more with it he kept saying, "The Dentist is so fun!  It's fun - right!"  
He's been watching tv ever since we've been home and everytime he tries to get up, he about falls over.  He's also crazy moody.  Like kicking and screaming one minute, and then saying hi mama! the next minute(Yet other side effects of the Versed.)  I think I will try to put him down for a nap in a bit.  I took these two movies after we got done.  I wish I had gotten one when he kept saying the dentist was fun :)
Overall he was such a trooper and a good boy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Facts - February

* Loves to pull faces.  Above is his scary face :)

* Is growing like a weed and is wearing 4T clothes now and a size 9 shoe.

* Went to the dentist for the first time this month and found out he had 3 cavities!  (I'll save that story for later)

* Is so excited anytime Marshall comes home from work, and loves to wrestle, play cars and dinosaurs.

* Loves to play the Wii.  He's actually pretty good at baseball, and loves Mario Party.

* Is really struggling with Sunbeams at church.  Marshall and I have been trading off with him.  The first week, he was perfect.  Every week since then he cries, climbs, hits, tries to talk in the microphone on the podium, and everything else you can imagine.  He screams if Marshall or I try to leave, so we sit through all of primary with him.

* Likes to sing and dance

* He recognizes all of his colors, letters, shapes, numbers, etc.  He likes to count and tell me about letters and numbers he sees wherever we are.

* Gets really worried if he has a runny nose.  He will run up to Marshall or  me and say, "Oh no, help my nose!  Help it!"  Pretty funny

* When he spills something he is quite distraught until we clean it up.

* Loves playing with "friends" or any other kid that is around.


* Has to have anything Chandler has.  For example, we went to the store a few weeks ago and I got Chandler a ginormous blow pop.  Chandler was doing a good job sharing, but Rowan wanted it for himself.  We got home and I found a dum dum to give to Rowan.  He threw it on the floor and started yelling for Chandler's sucker because it was bigger?  I gave the dum dum to Chandler and the bigger sucker to Rowan.  Of course he was fine after this.  Funny boy.  I can tell this is the first of many duplicates that I will have to buy having two boys close in age.  

* He has 12 teeth, and is working on his eye teeth. He also has a funny split in his front teeth.  They are also pushed forward a bit, I imagine it's from his love affair with his pacifier.  You can rarely see his top teeth when he smiles.  He really has to cheese it.

* He sleeps well at night for the most part.  We have to keep a sippy with water by his bed though.  He will wake up and chug half a sippy of water because he is so thirsty.  Not that we keep our house that hot....just a thirsty boy I guess?

*He is saying mama, dada, and a bunch of other nonsense.

*If he doesn't get something right when he wants it, he SCREAMS.  It's loud, very loud.

*Is wearing 12-18 month clothes and a size 4 shoe

*Still has a hair fetish. He will not go to sleep unless he is playing with his hair.  And he LOVES my hair.

*Likes to smell things.  We tell him to smell and he breathes in and out of his nose really quickly.

*He has some pretty sweet dance moves, or should I say he is REALLY good at squats?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chandler's Room

So we tackled Chandler's room this last weekend. I took a bunch of before pictures, but the first few didn't turn out. You'll get the idea from the one that did turn out. The room was painted tan with a dinosaur border. Not my favorite. We weren't sure how to paint, and then I found this cute stripe idea. We had 3 colors matched from his throw pillow and got to work Saturday morning. Can I just say stripes are VERY tedious. I was so tired of taping in the end, and of course it didn't turn out perfect, but it is much better. I love his room so much more now and think it compliments everything else in it. And of course Chandler loves it too!

The only decent before picture (I took 4 pictures and this is the only one that turned out....I think I need a new camera!)


These curtains were made for his window in our old apartment.  I think they are a little short now....I may be soliciting more help from my mom :)
So what do you think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

8 Things Tag

Tagged by Avry! 8 things
Here are the Rules:

1)Post rules on your blog

2)Answer the six "8" items

3)Let each person you tag know by leaving them a comment

8 Favorite TV Shows

1. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
2. Lost
3 The Biggest Loser
4. American Idol
5. So You Think You Can Dance
6. The Office
7. Jon & Kate plus 8
8. .....

8 Things I did Yesterday

1. Took Chandler to playgroup
2. Laundry
3. Blogged
4. Ate Chocolate
5. Exercised
6. Watched Biggest Loser & American Idol
7. Stayed in my pajamas until 6:30 when I went to exercise
8. Snuggled Marshall

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Our tax return :)
2. Going to bed tonight
3. Getting my Scentsy from Sara
4. Spring
5. Visiting family & friends....sometime
6. Sitting down to read my bookclub book
7. Putting the pool out in our own little yard for the boys to play in.
8. Chandler being potty trained

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Olive Garden
2. Bajio (Veggie Burrito & Shrimp Tacos....mmmmmm)
3. Chilis
4. California Pizza Kitchen
5. Won Won Wok (Local Chinese place - sooo good)
6. Panda Express
7. Cheesecake Factory
8. Macaroni Grill

8 Things on My Wish List

1. More Time
2. A dependable babysitter
3. Money to play with
4. To get my business going more...
5. To go on a romantic vacation with Marsh
6. A better economy. ( totally agree with Ave on this one.)
7. To never get sick again
8. a shopping spree

I know I am supposed to tag others, but I'll leave that up to you. If you want to do it, great!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few more of my favorites

Ok, so it's more than a few, but I got all of the pictures back and they turned out fabulous. Just wanted to share.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sneak Peak

We had some new pictures done about a week ago. I am waiting for the final cd that has all of the images on them, but we did get a few pictures from the girl who took our pics.  

I will share more when we get the rest! (And in case you are in the area and are wondering who took them - Emily Redd Photography.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

26 - But Who's Counting?

Yesterday I turned 26.  I feel kind of weird to know I am closer to 30 than 20 now.  Not that it's that old, just feels odd to me.  I was supposed to be 21 forever, right?
I woke up yesterday morning, started some laundry and began making breakfast for the boys.   Just then, Marshall walked in the door. Come to find out, he'd taken the day off work and  had gone to the store to get stuff to make me crepes. This was the most awesome birthday gift he could have given me.  It gets tough sometimes with the boys by myself day after day.  He helped me clean the house, and it was SOOOO nice to have him home.  We got some Chinese food for lunch and my dad stopped by, as he was in Salt Lake for business. He hadn't seen our house yet, and it was fun to see him.  Chandler was so sad to see him go and was like a little cling on holding onto "pa pa."  At around 4 we packed up and headed out.  Marshall said I could get some new clothes, and I was way excited.  I can't remember the last time I've been shopping for me and I sadly only have 1 pair of jeans that fit and that I can wear.   We tried to find a babysitter for the boys, but no such luck so we took them with us.  I got some new clothes, and some stuff from bath and body works.  It was a lot of fun besides the fact that I've had a horrible head cold/sinus infection, and both the boys are sick now too.   We came home and Marshall made me a cake.  It was a great day!