Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nova at 4 Months Old

I can't believe that my baby is 4 months old.  It seems like I blinked and the last 4 months went by.  I still have a lot to blog about her, but wanted to do a 4 month update so I didn't forget specifics.  Everyone always says how each kid grows at their own pace and is different.  Not my kids.  At birth, they were all within 1/2 lb of each other.  At 2 months, they were all within 3 ounces.  At 4 months, Rowan and Nova are just once ounce apart.  I'm not sure what Chan was at 4 months, but I'm sure it was really similar.  Crazy, right?

We took Nova in for her 4 month checkup.

Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz
Heights: 26"
Head: 16 1/2"

She is 90% for weight, 95% for height and 75% for head.  I know she will start to even out at 6 months, but I am totally loving the chunk on her.  She is wearing some 3-6 month clothes and some 6-12 month stuff.  Her 3-6 month stuff is really getting too small but I don't have the heart to pack it all up yet.

I remember holding my boys quite a bit as babies, but Nova is extra spoiled.  I've realized just how quickly time goes and hold her a LOT.  I will make any excuse I can to stop what I'm doing and hold her.  She really is an incredible baby.  She very rarely cries, will smile at anyone, almost never spits up, and is laughing and rolling.  She doesn't roll often, but has rolled over a few times starting a few days before she turned 4 months.  She is grabbing onto toys and figuring out how to use her little hands.

She's still exclusively breastfed except when I work.  Then it's breast milk in a bottle. :)  She does an amazing job transitioning from bottle to breast to paci.  I thought it would be really hard to go back to work and while I do miss her while I'm gone, I don't worry.  She's with Marshall and is so easy going so that gives me peace of mind.  I'm planning on breastfeeding her longer than a year.  I'm hoping to make it to 2, maybe a bit longer.  I used to care what others thought and stopped BF Rowan at 13 months because of how others viewed it.  Now I could care less what others think and will do what works for us.  It's a great bonding experience and I know we both enjoy it. :)  I wish that I had that attitude from the get go.

Nova is currently also working on some teeth.  Her bottom gums are so swollen and I'm expecting her to pop something through anytime, but who knows...maybe it will be a while?

She loves to watch her brothers and is quick to laugh at them.  For some reason, she just thinks they are so funny.

Right before Nova gets tired, she has this really funny giggly window.  She will coo and talk, laugh and is very social.  Once that window is over, she fusses just a little and is out in a matter of minutes.  It's so funny and cute.

She hasn't started solids yet, and I'm probably going to wait until 5-6 months depending on how much interest she shows.  If she shows interest at 5 months, we will start then.  If not, I'll hold off longer.  One thing that will be good with solids is that her poop will be more solid.  She is my super pooper and blows out of any diaper I put her in.  We've just come to terms that she will blow out of a diaper at least once a day.  I've tried going up a size, different brands - she blows out of them all.  Silly girl.

Her eyes are still blue and I'm thinking they will either stay blue or go hazel.  Marsh has brown eyes and mine are hazel so I guess my hazel gene is just that much more dominant.

Nova's fuzzy hair has really started to come in and she's very blonde.  It's so cute.

I think that's all I can think of for a random Nova update.  Love this girl!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

We had Foto Fly take our family pictures again at Thanksgiving Point.  I'm always happy with what a good job they do.  It was pretty cold that day with snow flurries since it was right before Thanksgiving.  The kids all did really great, including Nova.  I love my little family!  PS - Yes, it is picture overload.

Chandler's 8th Birthday

Chan turned 8 on November 1st.  He woke up in the morning and I pinned his birthday boy pin to him.  I always remember how special I felt as a kid when people would know it was my birthday and make a big deal.  He loved wearing the pin and said lots of kids told him Happy Birthday at school.
This year we didn't do a friend party, we opted just to do a family party.  He told me he wanted a surprise party which basically means that we decorate before he gets home.  The boys had recently seen Monsters University and he wanted Monsters University decorations.  We obliged and he was so excited.

My parents were here for his birthday and they joined in on the fun.  Chandler got a Lego Chima set, a Lego Chima figure, Mario Tennis Wii and some clothes.  Normally I don't wrap up clothes for the kids besides Christmas pajamas.  I just buy them clothes when they need things or outgrow them.  When Rowan saw Chandler open a package that had some t-shirts in it, he exclaimed, "Clothes?!?  That's not good!"  It was pretty funny.  Chandler also got new scriptures from my parents with his name on the front.  They are a really nice set and will be great to use for years to come.  They also gave him some stickers to put in his scriptures and my mom gave him some neck ties for scouting.  My mom has been in scouting on and off for like 25 years so she had just a few.