Monday, March 31, 2014

Rowan Turns 6

Rowan turned the big 6 back in January.  We had celebrated on the day of his birthday but also the day after.  They made Rowan feel special at school!  He brought treats for his class and came home with this crown and balloon with pixie stick attached.

On his birthday, he wanted to go to chick-fil-a for dinner and then bowling.  I'm not sure we've ever taken the boys bowling but it was a hit and they had so much fun!

The day after his birthday, Rowan invited about 5 of his friends to a birthday party. He wanted a Transformers party. He was so excited when we started decorating for his party and was definitely in heaven. We played some games, colored transformers, hit a pinata and then had cake and ice cream!

At 6 years old, Rowan: 

  • Is 43 lbs 45 1/2 inches tall 
  • is amazing at problem solving 
  • loves Nutella, GogoSqueez, Edamame, Cereal, Cheeseburgers 
  • plays with Duplos, Nerf Guns, Transformers and the ipad 

He is so imaginative and cute!