Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got milk?

Last night Marshall dropped me off to do a pump class. We had picked up a free pizza beforehand and he was going to go home and feed Chandler. Chan hadn't had a nap yesterday so he fell asleep in the car. I guess when they went home Chandler was way out of it. They got up to the apartment and Marsh offered him some pizza. Chan really doesn't like pizza, weird kid, but decided he wanted some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I hadn't had the chance to go to the grocery store so we didn't have any milk. Marshall decided to improvise and put water....yes WATER in his cereal. Talk about nasty. Chandler took one bite and threw a fit. I don't blame him, I think I would have too. He kept yelling, "I want milk! I want milk!" I guess he ended up being hungry enough that he ate 2 bowls of water cereal. Pretty disgusting if you ask me. Guess we need to venture out to get some milk today....lol.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Toning Up

I hit my pre pregnancy weight about a month ago.  Actually I was 1 lb under which made me happy.  I don't own a scale though so I haven't weighed myself in over a month.  Maybe I'll eventually get one but then again I don't really want to be obsessed with weighing myself all the time.  So if I'm at my pre-prego weight why am I not happy?  I finally realized that my energy levels are ridiculously low - especially with my baby who boycotts sleeping at night.  I'm tired all of the time.  I'd like to firm up my middle too.  I did really good working out when we lived with my parents because they have a home gym.  It's all gone down the drain since we moved.   About a month ago I started doing a daycare trade at our City Center.  I work in the daycare for 2 hours a week, on Tuesdays, and in return get a free membership.   It's nice because I can take the boys with me and they get some interaction with other kids.  I decided to start taking advantage of my membership by going to some classes.  After a class yesterday and today, I am officially SUPER sore.  I went to a cycling class last night and then a cardio circuit class this morning. They both kicked my butt, but it's nice to work out so hard you feel like you are going to vomit.  That's what you get when you don't work out for while and then push yourself too hard.  Hopefully I can tone up a little bit and get my energy levels up.  I need to get a new swimsuit and some goggles too so I can swim laps and have variety in my workouts.  

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some Family Time

Since we have moved to Utah 3 months ago, we've never had a Saturday that we've had all day to do what we want and just spend time together as a family. Marshall had to work the first 6 Saturdays at his job, he was gone for training a couple weeks, we went to Idaho for a wedding...etc. So this last Saturday we decided to go do some fun things as a family.

We went to Hogle Zoo and on the way stopped at the Farmer's Market at Pioneer Park in SLC. We got some awesome fresh peaches that were so delicious. Once we got to Hogle we spent about 3 1/2 hours there. It was fun to see some of the bigger animals like giraffes and elephants. Chandler was in heaven with all the animals and everywhere we went he would run or gallop. Rowan was quite intruiged as well. We rode the little train while we were there and Chandler loved that as well. After Hogle we ate at Chipotle (YUM YUM) and picked up some things at Costco. We didn't get home until after 8. It was a busy day but so much fun to spend a Saturday together.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Housewarming Gift

My brother Jason lives in Salt Lake. He hadn't been down to see our apartment or visit yet so he decided to come on Friday night. He lives very close to downtown so he's about a half hour drive from us. Well he showed up with a big smile on his face and said, "Happy Housewarming."

True, we don't live in a house, but honestly it's my first "housewarming gift," lol. Boy does he know me. It was fun to visit for a few hours. Jason is 13 years older than me so I was pretty young when he left home. So back to the candy - thanks Jason. And everyone else, you don't even want to know how many candy bars I've eaten today....I think I may have a hoarding problem ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008


We went to a follow up appointment today at the ped's office. Rowan is still wheezing. It's been a long week too. We've stayed home a lot and gone a little stir crazy. Chandler has spent a lot of time in the naughty spot and I think he is really sick of our apartment. The steroid Rowan is on has made him really fussy too. Chan and Marsh went to the Dr. (urgent care) on Monday night. Marsh has bronchitis and a sinus infection which I think he is almost over. Chan had another ear infection, go figure. The PA we saw was a little dense and didn't have the best bedside manner. He also prescribed Chandler the wrong dose of antibiotic. Double what he should have had, but luckily the Pharmicist caught it. Did I mention how grateful I am for awesome health insurance? Especially since between all the sickies in my house we have been to the Dr. 7 times in the last month.
Anyways, back to our office visit. Rowan's ear infections look much better and he hasn't run a fever for a few days. The new diagnosis- Pediatric Asthma. We are now trying the Singulair granules to see if that helps with his wheezing and to open up his airway a little more. He has to take it daily so hopefully I can be good about remembering. I'm really hoping that he will grow out of it. I know my nephew Kaden had asthma when he was young and eventually grew out of it. We go back in another 4 weeks to see if it is working. He will also get a flu shot at this time. Dr. Lei said there are 2 different flu shots out this year and he wants to give him one in 4 weeks, and then another one a month later, so we will probably do that at his 9-10 month well baby. I'd hate to have a sick baby all winter, so I'm all about the flu shots. We will continue to do albuterol treatments when Rowan really needs them. (Oh and Rowan isn't crawling yet, but he is soooo super close. I'll be sure to post when he takes off.)

Monday, September 15, 2008


Yesterday Rowan's nose started getting bad again and he started getting a little wheezy.  We had a long night last night and this morning he was wheezing again.  At about noon it started to get really bad and scared me.  I noticed that he was retracting quite forcefully and his respirations were quick.  He was really having to work to breathe.  He was also running a low grade fever - right at 100.  I didn't want to mess around so we went into the dr.  I was going to just see a Nurse Practitioner but after assessing him, she wanted the Dr.'s opinion.  His respirations were about 60 per min. The dr. came in and listened to him.  After that we did two breathing treatments and a chest x-ray.  After the chest x-ray we did one more breathing treatment.  He sounded so much better.  The dr. then came in and said Rowan had fluid in two different parts of his lungs.  He said he had a mild case of pneumonia and didn't want it to get any worse.  Oh, and he still has a raging ear infection in his one ear.  So back on a stronger antibiotic, 5 more days of steroids, and breathing treatments every 6 hours. Chandler was terrible at the visit and we were there for an hour and a half.  Makes me wish I had found someone to watch him for a little bit.  It felt a bit like a 3 ring circus.  While we were there he smashed goldfish into the carpet, put his whole head under running water in the sink, took 7 "complimentary" dum dums, spit water all over the floor...I was more than just a little stressed the entire appointment.  I had a hard time keeping tabs on him too as I had to do the breathing treatments with Rowan.  
I am just so sad my baby is so sick.   I guess I should be grateful that it's not bad enough that they would have to hospitalize him. He is completely worn out from the appointment and I'm happy to see him sleeping soundly.  Marshall has also had some sort of sinus crud for a week and a half.  I'm making him go to the dr. tonight.  

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Just a little diddy

Just a cute video of Rowan about a month ago at Danielle's wedding.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun Facts - September

  • Chandler:

  • Whenever he is hungry he says he wants "La Food" or "Le Food". Marshall gets a pretty big kick out of this one since he is speaking proper French and he didn't teach him it. (Marsh speaks French in case you didn't know.)
  • Wants to wear his jasmies (jammies) all the time. He is particularly fond of his dinosaur, elmo & snowman pajamas right now.
  • Thinks Rowan is big enough to hold his own and tries to wrestle him. Of course I have to intervene.
  • Can't get enough of life cereal.
  • Is fighting naptime. He's starting to get so that some days he really needs a nap and other days he doesn't. I will miss naptime when it's gone :(
  • Is looking at books more often and likes going to the library.
  • He helps me indulge in my love for Target. He loves Target too - or should I say the popcorn and icee he gets everytime we go.

  • Has two little top teeth. They are so cute but I haven't gotten a good picture of them yet. 4 teeth in all now.
  • Is on his knees rocking back and forth and has been for over a week. I'm not ready for him to crawl so I'm not encouraging it. As for Marshall, he's trying to help him along.
  • He is starting to get a little bit of stranger anxiety. He will smile at someone and then put his head into my shoulder as if he is so shy.
  • He wants to eat solids and tons of them all the time now. He still nurses 6-7 times a day and then has 3-4 little meals throughout the day. I think it's a growth spurt. He does great with small soft foods, crackers, and beans. He's trying to self feed and loves to eat Baby Oatmeal and Yogurt.

  • He STILL is not sleeping through the night. I don't want to count how many times I was up last night. I feel like this is a fact of life I should just accept. Sigh.
  • He's wearing mostly 6-12 month clothes but a few that are 12-18 months.
  • He's still as happy as ever and I have a hard time getting over the fact that he is 8 months...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friends, Cute Boys...and a GOOD book

This last weekend I went to a reception for one of my college roomates, Alisha. We lived together part of my freshman year, and part of my sophomore year. We instantly clicked and had a lot of good times together. We hadn't really kept in touch and the last time I saw her was 4 years ago at my wedding. Come to find out, we only live about 20 minutes apart. It was fun to get to see her and she looked so pretty! (Please ignore the fact that I look pregnant in my unflattering shirt.) :(

I also broke out the winter clothes Saturday night. It's still pretty warm but I wanted to see what I had as far as fall/winter clothes go for the boys. I buy most of my clothes a year ahead that way I can get the boys tons of cute stuff at 50-75% off. I put these matching sweaters on them and they looked so cute! So of course I had to take pictures before we went to church on Sunday. Yeah, they were in sweaters even though it is still 70-75 degrees outside :)

Check out Mr. Chub cheeks watching baby einstein :)

And last but of course NOT least - I finished Breaking Dawn. I know I am a little behind the crowd but oh well. I absolutely LOVED it. I also thought it held my interest better than the first 3 books. (Even though they were really good too.) I'm super mad about Midnight Sun, aka the book from Edward's view, and the fact that it got leaked and won't be finished. :( Oh well - I can't wait to see what Stephenie Meyer comes out with next and you'd better believe I am going to see Twilight on November 21st, opening night!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Chandler's Room

My mom finished the curtains she was going to do for Chan's room (thank you mom!) so it is finally all put together.  I decided not to paint because I don't know how long we are going to be in this apartment and I don't want to paint and then turn around and have to repaint over it in 6 months.  Anyways, I think it turned out pretty cute.  
Notice Chandler's pretty artwork on the wall. 

Friday, September 5, 2008

New Blog - Babies & Kids

I've been working on a couple different blogs in areas that interest me.  I thought it would be nice to start a baby/kid review one as I am always looking for cool new products and am always looking for the best products as well.  I'm always searching and researching different products before I buy them so I thought it'd be great to have an informational site. I'd love any types of comments, feedback, or your own experience with different baby and children products.  I'm going to try to review a different product as often as I can but thought it would be helpful to have others contribute as well.  Let me know what you think!  Babes & Kids Blog

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will it ever end?

Tonight we finally decided Rowan needed to go see the pediatrician.  His cough has been unreal and he has been so unhappy.  Anyone who has been around Rowan much knows that he is an extremely happy baby so it's weird to see him so unhappy.  Luckily our ped's office is open until 7 every night and I so I called and got right in.  I met the NP that works in the office who I haven't met before and I am just as impressed with her as I was with Dr. Lei.  We only had to wait maybe 3 minutes in the waiting room, and then another 1-2 minutes before we were seen.  How nice.  Sheri (the NP) spent lots of time with us in the room and wanted to get to know us on a personal level.  Then after checking Rowan it was decided that he has: two ear infections, an eye infection, and some sort of respiratory infection or virus.  She was surprised at the fact that Rowan wasn't a preemie, hasn't had RSV, and has never been sick with the way he was wheezing and how he sounded when she was listening to him.  My poor little man.  She decided to do an Albuterol treatment with a Nebulizer while we were still there and then see if that helped his wheezing at all.   It seemed to help so we came home with a Nebulizer and have to go back for an appointment tomorrow to see if it really is helping.  I had to go to get the prescriptions filled before we went home and Walgreens was more than a little slow - we were there for well over 40 minutes.  Rowan was irate by the time we got home.  After a long nursing session, his 2 antibiotics, some tyelnol, and his breathing treatment, you'd think he was a new boy.  He was quite happy and as I sit and listen to the baby monitor while he is sleeping, he has hardly coughed at all.
So you may wonder why I am such a horrible mom to drag him to Walgreens instead of bringing him home and then filling the prescription.  My 8 year old niece Maeli came to stay with us for a few days since she doesn't start school until Friday.  Avry was a little hesitant to let her come stay as we've all been sick but I assured her all would be well.   We've done all sorts of fun things the last couple days  and while I took Rowan to the dr. she went hiking to Battle Creek Falls with Marshall & Chandler.  They got home a few  minutes after I did and Maeli complained that she didn't feel well.  I took her temp and it seemed normal and then asked her what hurt.  She couldn't quite pinpoint it and then stated her throat hurt.  I offered to make her some hot chocolate and she obliged.  Just as I was about to start mixing the hot chocolate.......lo and behold..... she starts throwing up all over our couch.  I ushered her into the bathroom and started her a bath.  After a bath, some crackers, water and medicine, she is sleeping soundly.  What a great aunt and hostess I am.  Did I mention she's 8 and has changed every poopy diaper, done my dishes, folded laundry, etc while she's been here?  No, I did not force her, she's just that amazing of a little girl and is constantly looking for what she can clean next or who's diaper she can change.  She comes to my apartment, cleans, takes care of and plays with my boys and in return she gets sick.  I'm sure Avry is never going to let her come stay again :(  
Who wants to come over next?  ;) *wink*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Sickies

If you remember my post from Labor Day weekend last year, we were really sick. This year was no exception.
Thursday night Rowan came down with a fever. I figured it might be due to the fact that his top two teeth finally broke through. He had a cough too though and started throwing up Friday morning. We stayed home most of the day and by the time Marsh came home from work I was ready to get out. Chandler seemed to be doing better from his ear infections so I figured I would take him swimming at the city center and leave Rowan home with Marsh. Chandler was super excited and so I proceeded to start making some dinner so we could eat before we went. Chan went and laid on the floor and I thought it was somewhat weird. Just then he stood up and starting throwing up all over his blanket. Then he looked at me and said, "swimmin?" Yeah right - the only swimming he got was the bath tub. We put him in the tub and after he got out he started throwing up again. At one point he swallowed it back down and said, "Lemmy!" (Yummy) Gag. Yet another time he swallowed some of it back down and said, "Good boy!" Guess he doesn't understand the throwing up thing.
3 pairs of pajamas later he went to bed. At about 2 in the morning Chandler woke me up saying he needed a drink. He gets really thirsty at night and usually will chug a glass of water. I got him a drink and went to put him back to bed. He wouldn't get back in his bed and kept saying, "stinky poop, stinky poop" I turned the light on and he had thrown up all over his bed. I reminded myself to breathe through my mouth and started a load of laundry. Rowan was also up every hour coughing, throwing up and wouldn't nurse. I've decided there's nothing worse when you see your children sick and there's nothing you can do about it but try to care and comfort them and hope that it goes away soon. I am glad that Rowan made it 7 1/2 months without getting sick. Saturday we laid low and stayed home the whole day.

Sunday I opted to stay home from church with Rowan since he still wasn't doing great. Marsh and Chan went to sacrament meeting and then went home. Marsh also had to go early to church to talk with someone in the bishopric, aka a calling. My bet was that he was going to be called to be a teacher of some sort - probably gospel doctrine. He makes some awesome comments and is a wonderful teacher. He came home and asked what I thought his new calling was....I was right :) He's a substitute teacher for gospel doctrine.
We laid low the rest of Sunday as Marshall now is congested, has a sore throat and a nasty cough. He'd also lost his voice last week.
I started feeling a little funny when I went to bed Sunday night. I started tossing and turning as my stomach started to get the best of me and I had horrible chills. The rest of the night I spent on the toilet with a throw up bucket in my hands. More info than you all want to know but I want you to feel my pain ;) I did manage to take 3 baths and completely rid myself of everything in my body. I finally fell asleep at about 4:30 - only to sleep for about an hour and a half, wake up and replay the whole thing again. I asked Marshall for a blessing and he only got halfway through before I had to dart for my trusty "popcorn" bowl which was serving a different purpose that night. He went to get me some medicine at about 8 and I finally stopped throwing up. I can't believe how sore I was yesterday - my legs and lower back from throwing up so hard and so much. I don't think I've been that sick for quite a while. I had to take a good dose of Motrin and sleep with a heating pad last night as my back ached too bad to sleep. Today is better. I still feel weak and find myself getting winded just picking up our apartment but it is getting better. I have no idea where we picked up all this crud. We were planning on going hiking yesterday and were excited about Marshall's day off. Instead we spent it in our pajamas.
My boys are still super congested with coughs and I feel a little bit of a sinus infection coming on. It's an understatement that I'm grateful to be healthy most of the time. I'm not looking forward to Labor Day next year.