Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friends, Cute Boys...and a GOOD book

This last weekend I went to a reception for one of my college roomates, Alisha. We lived together part of my freshman year, and part of my sophomore year. We instantly clicked and had a lot of good times together. We hadn't really kept in touch and the last time I saw her was 4 years ago at my wedding. Come to find out, we only live about 20 minutes apart. It was fun to get to see her and she looked so pretty! (Please ignore the fact that I look pregnant in my unflattering shirt.) :(

I also broke out the winter clothes Saturday night. It's still pretty warm but I wanted to see what I had as far as fall/winter clothes go for the boys. I buy most of my clothes a year ahead that way I can get the boys tons of cute stuff at 50-75% off. I put these matching sweaters on them and they looked so cute! So of course I had to take pictures before we went to church on Sunday. Yeah, they were in sweaters even though it is still 70-75 degrees outside :)

Check out Mr. Chub cheeks watching baby einstein :)

And last but of course NOT least - I finished Breaking Dawn. I know I am a little behind the crowd but oh well. I absolutely LOVED it. I also thought it held my interest better than the first 3 books. (Even though they were really good too.) I'm super mad about Midnight Sun, aka the book from Edward's view, and the fact that it got leaked and won't be finished. :( Oh well - I can't wait to see what Stephenie Meyer comes out with next and you'd better believe I am going to see Twilight on November 21st, opening night!


S. Fantasia said...

Oh my gosh!! I need you to mail me those sweaters immediately! :o)

Sara Birch said...

Cute! Looks like a great outfit for Christmas pictues!!

The Bluths said...

I didn't really like Breaking all. I think I need to read Midnight Sun so as to redeem itself.

Aurelia said...

look at those cheeks..
I love love the sweaters..

I didn't like breaking dawn as much. I feel like she tied up everything too neatly..

Jeralee said...

I love those cheeks. What a cutie that Rowan is. Both boys are so cute and so different.

I have never read any of the stephanie Meyer books, they just don't appeal to me. LOL

And well, I never got into the Harry Potter craze either. I just wait for the movie to come out. LOL

Payte and Sherie said...

I just finished Breaking Dawn a few hours ago and totally agree with you! Better than the others! I can't wait for the movie and hope that they make more movies, cuz I'd love to see the 4th book come to life.

Avry said...

I have to agree with Lia.. Bella got EVERYTHING in the end. So not fair! I wanted a better battle with the voltri too. humpf!
So the boys oooh how cute they look in their little sweaters! Rowan needs aunt Avry to come pinch his fat little cheeks!

Amber said...

SUCH cute sweaters!! And I LOVE those cheeks!

I also loved Breaking Dawn, and I don't know why some people dislike the ending, because Bella has a family forever...isn't that what we're all striving for?