Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Out With Thomas

We wanted to take the boys to Day Out With Thomas last year, but I almost choked when I saw ticket prices. It wasn't in the budget and we couldn't justify it at the time, so we didn't go. I was so happy this year to get a media contact for my Babes and Kids blog so that we were able to go for free. The boys had a ton of fun riding the train, and doing different activities.
Our tickets were for 4:30, and we stood in a line for a bit thinking it was to get on the train. It wasn't the line, and we barely made it on. It was a sold out ride, so there was nowhere to sit. Luckily some nice people moved for us. I got a new lens for my camera which I was super excited about and got to really use it a lot for the first time this day. I think it captured some awesome shots.

Love this picture of Marsh and the boys on the train.

Chandler with Sir Topham Hat

It started raining after we got off the train, and some people that were sitting by us decided they were going to leave. They gave us tickets for food that they had paid for, so we got free cotton candy and ice cream. The correct way to eat cotton candy. ATTACK!

Posing with Thomas the Train. Shortly after this picture with Thomas, Rowan had a TOTAL meltdown realizing that it was time to leave. Kicking, thrashing, hitting. It was horrible. Understandable when Thomas the train is what matters most to him in life. Overall, I think the boys had a great time, but I'm not 100% sure it would be worth $18 a ticket that they charge.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am SO not crafty. I think that part of my brain doesn't work. My sister Avry however is a master crafter. (If you are into crafting, you should probably check out her crafting blog.) She's awesome at decorating, making just about anything and has great taste. In fact, if you were to come into my house, 99.9% of my decorations are ones that she's made or gotten me. Her latest and greatest creation - a bunch of adorable headbands. Totally love them. Thank you Avry!

Monday, May 23, 2011

No Shame

We entered Marshall in a contest. And we need votes. At first he didn't want to flaunt his attractive back all over the internet, but when he found out he could win free laser hair removal on his entire back, we got to work. Seriously, there's only 5 people entered, so he has a pretty good chance. Voting goes through next Monday!

Visit here:
And vote for: #2

Marshall's Back Thanks You.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Out back we have tulips that bloom every year. I so look forward to them, so pretty. Don't they make you happy just to look at them? Marshall also gutted our bed in the front and I can't wait to plant it. Now only if it would stop raining long enough for us to do it!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Climb

I was editing some photos of a picnic we went on the other day, and I couldn't help but see this in the pictures I took of Rowan. I've also been thinking about quite a few things and people...they know who they are.

The Climb

We all have to start somewhere. We grab on, hold tight and trust.

Occasionally we take the time to stop and think about everything going on.....sort through things, just to keep on climbing.

At times you climb, not even sure where you are going or what you are doing. All you know is you need to make it. (At this point, it would be best not to look down.) Just listen to the encouragement below you and continue on.

And when you finally get there, sit back, enjoy, and stick your tongue out at all that crap that tried to pull you down. Cause you made it.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is a pretty good idea if you ask me. It's a chance to get to celebrate the wonderful woman I call mom, and it doesn't hurt that I get a little bit of pampering being a mom too. :)
I'm generally a consumables type person, and although I think flowers are beautiful, sometimes they seem impractical as they don't last that long. Marshall brought me the best of both worlds.
He had the boys each pick out a plant/flower for me which was a wonderful idea. I can't remember what either of them are called since I don't have a green thumb or the little tag handy that came with each flower, but I don't care - they're beautiful!
Here's the indoor flower Chan gave me.

And the one Rowan got me that we will plant out in our flowerbed, once we get it cleaned out, etc. Marsh said he wanted me to pick out flowers for the bed and get it all prettied for the summer. We haven't done it yet, but I think it's a fab idea.

This morning, Marsh brought me breakfast in bed. My favorite - crepes with fresh fruit and whipped topping. At church, I was relieved of my primary duties and got to go with all of the women to Relief Society. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a rut with primary and I definitely needed the lesson today.
The rest of the afternoon consisted of a nap, and laying around. So so nice. After dinner, Marshall brought out the Magnum Ice Cream Bars. He said they used to eat them when he was in France, and searched high and low when he got back in the states for them. Could never find them. Guess what? 8 years later, they are available. Your cue to drool and head out to the grocery store to find them.

Incredible, and for the record, I don't like to share them...

And last but not least, I've been wanting something from Vera Bradley for a while. A few designs were 50% off last week, and I bought myself a Mothers Day least that's my excuse.
It came yesterday and I love it. But that may not be a good thing. I'm already looking forward to someday getting a purse. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chandler's Preschool Program

Most days when I ask Chandler what he learned at preschool, he mumbles "I dunno..?" Sometimes I can get out of him what he ate for lunch and that he played outside and that's about it. He had his preschool program yesterday, and it was fun for me to see just how much he's learned this semester. You're going to think I'm pathetic, but I about teared up when they came in singing "See ya later Alligator, See ya later Alligator.....See ya later Alligator, it's time to say goodbye!" to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic. His teachers Miss Jacque, Miss Laura, and Miss Karen have been phenomenal. It's crazy to think that Chan is going to kindergarten this fall, and he'll be 6 in November. Am I old enough to have a kid that old? I guess so. Anyways, he did such a great job in his program, sang all of the words and was a regular champ. In all, there were 26 kids in the program, but since the preschool runs full time, some are afternoon kids, some are morning, some only come Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday get the idea, right?

He's been singing all of his songs since he came home yesterday. Avry came with me to the program, which was really nice. I was using a new video recorder, my Sony Bloggie, and I should have turned it sideways to take video because it looks all funky. The battery went dead about halfway through so I didn't get some of the other fun songs that they did. This preschool was really a blessing for Chan this semester, and he loved it. (This video is super long, almost 10 minutes. Blogging = my journal, therefore I upload it. If you watch any of it, watch a few minutes in when they do "Tooty Tot." It's hilarious!)