Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chandler's Preschool Program

Most days when I ask Chandler what he learned at preschool, he mumbles "I dunno..?" Sometimes I can get out of him what he ate for lunch and that he played outside and that's about it. He had his preschool program yesterday, and it was fun for me to see just how much he's learned this semester. You're going to think I'm pathetic, but I about teared up when they came in singing "See ya later Alligator, See ya later Alligator.....See ya later Alligator, it's time to say goodbye!" to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic. His teachers Miss Jacque, Miss Laura, and Miss Karen have been phenomenal. It's crazy to think that Chan is going to kindergarten this fall, and he'll be 6 in November. Am I old enough to have a kid that old? I guess so. Anyways, he did such a great job in his program, sang all of the words and was a regular champ. In all, there were 26 kids in the program, but since the preschool runs full time, some are afternoon kids, some are morning, some only come Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday get the idea, right?

He's been singing all of his songs since he came home yesterday. Avry came with me to the program, which was really nice. I was using a new video recorder, my Sony Bloggie, and I should have turned it sideways to take video because it looks all funky. The battery went dead about halfway through so I didn't get some of the other fun songs that they did. This preschool was really a blessing for Chan this semester, and he loved it. (This video is super long, almost 10 minutes. Blogging = my journal, therefore I upload it. If you watch any of it, watch a few minutes in when they do "Tooty Tot." It's hilarious!)


Shaylen said...

Tooty Tot was very funny! He did pretty good following that song! :D

Danielle Bullock said...

I enjoyed Tooty Tot too... that was great hehe. He looks like he really enjoys preschool!