Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Facts - February

* Loves to pull faces.  Above is his scary face :)

* Is growing like a weed and is wearing 4T clothes now and a size 9 shoe.

* Went to the dentist for the first time this month and found out he had 3 cavities!  (I'll save that story for later)

* Is so excited anytime Marshall comes home from work, and loves to wrestle, play cars and dinosaurs.

* Loves to play the Wii.  He's actually pretty good at baseball, and loves Mario Party.

* Is really struggling with Sunbeams at church.  Marshall and I have been trading off with him.  The first week, he was perfect.  Every week since then he cries, climbs, hits, tries to talk in the microphone on the podium, and everything else you can imagine.  He screams if Marshall or I try to leave, so we sit through all of primary with him.

* Likes to sing and dance

* He recognizes all of his colors, letters, shapes, numbers, etc.  He likes to count and tell me about letters and numbers he sees wherever we are.

* Gets really worried if he has a runny nose.  He will run up to Marshall or  me and say, "Oh no, help my nose!  Help it!"  Pretty funny

* When he spills something he is quite distraught until we clean it up.

* Loves playing with "friends" or any other kid that is around.


* Has to have anything Chandler has.  For example, we went to the store a few weeks ago and I got Chandler a ginormous blow pop.  Chandler was doing a good job sharing, but Rowan wanted it for himself.  We got home and I found a dum dum to give to Rowan.  He threw it on the floor and started yelling for Chandler's sucker because it was bigger?  I gave the dum dum to Chandler and the bigger sucker to Rowan.  Of course he was fine after this.  Funny boy.  I can tell this is the first of many duplicates that I will have to buy having two boys close in age.  

* He has 12 teeth, and is working on his eye teeth. He also has a funny split in his front teeth.  They are also pushed forward a bit, I imagine it's from his love affair with his pacifier.  You can rarely see his top teeth when he smiles.  He really has to cheese it.

* He sleeps well at night for the most part.  We have to keep a sippy with water by his bed though.  He will wake up and chug half a sippy of water because he is so thirsty.  Not that we keep our house that hot....just a thirsty boy I guess?

*He is saying mama, dada, and a bunch of other nonsense.

*If he doesn't get something right when he wants it, he SCREAMS.  It's loud, very loud.

*Is wearing 12-18 month clothes and a size 4 shoe

*Still has a hair fetish. He will not go to sleep unless he is playing with his hair.  And he LOVES my hair.

*Likes to smell things.  We tell him to smell and he breathes in and out of his nose really quickly.

*He has some pretty sweet dance moves, or should I say he is REALLY good at squats?


S. Fantasia said...

He has 12 teeth??!! I can't believe it. Eli only has 6 with no sign of any others soon.

Way to go, Rowan.

Avry said...

awww your boys are growing up! Chandler was super funny at lunch the other day when we kept giving him coins for eating his burger. I love how he asks for me now :)
I can't believe how fast time flies!

Janaca said...

Cute cute boys. It makes me that much more excited to have another little boy for Jordan to hopefully be best buds with!

Monica said...

chandler is growing so fast!!! What a big boy, 4T? Wow. Sorry to hear about sunbeams, you think once the kids are in classes you would get to enjoy church, i guess you get to enjoy primary right?! Cute boys, rowan is a doll.

Melody said...

Ha ha, help my nose! That's cute. I can't believe how fast those boys are growing!