Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun Facts - August


* Rolls his ankles and wrists and wiggles his toes and fingers when he gets excited

* Says: "Da da da da" in a very high pitched voice. Of course the sound has no meaning to him but I think it makes Marshall happy anyway.

* Loves mashed potatoes and small pieces of bread

* Goes to sleep by himself for naps and when I put him down at night. We watch for his sleepy cues, then put his blankie on him, give him his paci and he's out within about 5 minutes.

* Has the best droopy chubby cheeks. I think I kiss them about 1,000 times a day

* Will actually roll over for a purpose now - (to get a toy or something he's not supposed to have) as opposed to rolling just to do it.

* Can stand next to the couch for a few seconds by himself.

* Is still trying to break his top two teeth -poor baby, they have been huge and swollen for over 3 weeks.


* Finds excuses to get out of bed - usually a drink

* Loves to watch us play mario golf & mario cart

* Some of my favorite words he says,
Triceratops = Twhere-a-pots
Yummy = Lemmy
Chicken = Tickin
Rowan = Wowan
Drink = Ga-rink

* Is very particular about his bedding when he sleeps. Has to be in this order:
1. sheet
2. comforter
3. his duck blankie
If the duck blanket is underneath he makes us change it.

* Is totally loving peanuts this month but hates peanut butter.

* Prays for all of his favorite tv shows at night


Avry said...

that is hilarious that Chan prays for t.v. shows are the shows he prays for... Nemo & kung foo panda?? hahaha by the way have you taken him to see Kung foo panda yet? ooh I can't wait to pinch those fat cheeks of Rowans on Friday!!

S. Fantasia said...

Ha! Dean does that too. He is constantly blessing "LightQueen", "Woody-cowboy", Buzz Lightyear and Caillou. So funny!

That's so funny how particular he is with his blankets. I'm learning that little boys are much more meticulous creatures than I ever imagined.