Monday, August 25, 2008

Danielle & Malone's wedding

Marshall's little sister Danielle got married this last Saturday. We went down Thursday night to make a trip of it. Natalie and I threw a bridal shower for Danielle on Thursday night. Friday we went through the temple with Danielle and they were married Saturday morning. It was such a fun trip and was nice to get back to Idaho for a few days. Danielle & Malone make a super cute couple and it'll be fun to have Malone around and in the family now.

We stayed with my mom and dad while we were up there and it was an understatement to say there was a houseful along with some problems....
My younger brother Geoff had 3 friends staying the night the same night we were. They went and climbed the grand teton the next day, so my mom had 7 extra people to house. Friday morning the sewer started backing up as everyone was using the toilet too much and showering. So we left my poor mom with a basement full of sewer water and the boys as we went and had a nice morning at the temple. (Thanks mom!) I felt pretty dizzy, nauseated and had a horrible headache all day Saturday but managed to keep most things down and kept myself going with Motrin and some caffeine. Chandler was rather grumpy on and off throughout the weekend - we figured that was part of a cough and runny nose he'd had for over a week. After keeping him up half the night Saturday, I took one look at his face Sunday morning and knew I needed to take him to the dr. His poor face was covered in snot and his eyes were half glued shut :( Once at the dr.'s office we found out he had double ear infections and a sinus infection. Poor baby. He's on some good antibiotics now. I was surprised to hear from the nurse when we were in the dr.'s office that in the last few weeks they had seen cases of measles, mumps & chicken pocks in their office. That's a little scary. Made me glad my boys are immunized. In my opinion I think the pros much outweigh the cons when it comes to immunizing.
So we headed home last night and it's nice to be home. It's always fun to go, but nice to come home. Although it seemed much harder to say goodbye then I thought it was and I felt like crying on our car ride home. Our little nephew Jacob seemed to double in size this last month and Natalie and I were able to have some much needed girl time.
We got home pretty late last night and pretty much dropped everything. Our apartment is in much need of some TLC and yet here I sit blogging....go figure :)


S. Fantasia said...

Sounds like fun (except for the sick parts). How come you were feeling sick? Pregnant? :o)

The measles have been going around here, too. What is that about? Both my boys caught baby measles (a.k.a. Roseola.) NO FUN!

You look great.

Jeralee said...

Oh, poor Chandler! Double ear infection and sinus infection. BLECH! And poor mom. I can totally picture how that went down with the sewer backing up.

I totally agree with you on the immunizations. The pros outweigh the cons for me.

Hi, I'm Erin said...

I agree with you on the immunizations thing. That's probably our good Health Science background! I hope Chandler gets to feeling better soon.

Aurelia said...

it sound like it was fun!
I love your dark hair and your shirt!

Poor Chandler, sound so fun!

Avry said...

Tiff glad you had a good weekend. Make a goal to make more friends so you have a lot to do when you come back that way you won't feel like crying when you come home. Sorry you & Chandler both felt sick that isn't any fun. Poor baby I know how I feel when I have a sinus infection I can't imagine how a 2 year old would feel. Kade & Maeli said they helped mom watch Chandler & Rowan. Maeli said she changed both of their diapers.. too funny!

Carter Family said...

Thanks for the pics of the wedding. Those are the first that we have seen. I wish we would have sent Amy out there. But it looks like everyone had a good time.