Friday, August 1, 2008

6 month well baby

We went in for Rowan's 6 month well baby visit today. I had a recommendation to go to a pediatrician in Draper so we made an appointment. We didn't have to wait long at all and I am super impressed with their new pediatrician, Dr. Lei. He actually took quite a bit of time to visit and get to know us and was in the room for a while. Rowan looks great and healthy. He did have a penal adhesion which I wasn't aware of and the Dr. had to free it up. Rowan wasn't too happy about that. He was a good sport for the shots even though he screamed a little about that too. He asked me how Rowan was sleeping at night and I told him up he was usually up between 3-7 times a night, depending on the night. He said he was old enough we could try crying it out, but if I didn't feel comfortable doing it and didn't feel too sleep deprived not to worry about it. He suggested some solids and a really good feeding right before he goes down. Rowan doesn't have a set time he goes down every night so I'm thinking we should start a routine sooner than later. I'm not a big fan of the crying out method so I think I will keep doing the night time feedings. I do feel tired some days, but don't all moms? He also said his top teeth are close to cutting through. His gums are extremely swollen where his top teeth are coming down and I'm surprised he's been such a good sport - it looks painful.
Anyway - here are his 6 month stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 11 oz (50%)
Height: 27 1/4" (60%)
Head 17 1/4 (60%)

Rowan is doing exactly what Chandler did. They have both started out as really big babies in the 90th percentile and then started to even out at about 6 months. I can't believe how fast 6 months have gone. If only babies wouldn't grow up :(


Jeralee said...

They do grow up fast! Glad you have a good first meeting with the pediatrician. I never liked the crying it out method either, particularly when they are so young. Charlise is still not a good sleeper to this day. She wakes up in the middle of the night. What does Super Nanny say about it? LOL

Rowan is such a good little baby. 17lbs at 6 months! He sounds pretty healthy. Charlise was 18lbs. at a year. Crazy stuff

The Cederstrom's said...

Let's see, when I took Elena to the doc the other day she was, um, 13 1/2 lbs... oh well...

Meggie said...

It sounds like your kids are doing really good. They are so cute! I still think it is so funny that Rowan and Avery were the same weight and height when they were born. She is 4 months now and weighs 15'10 and is 25 inches long. It'll be interesting to see if she is about the same as Rowan when she is 6 months. Thanks for your comment. I love to dress Avery in pink. I figure you've gotta do it with a girl! We are living in Laketown, so if you get up to Bear Lake, let me know.

Amber said...

Logan would get those penal adhesions too...I finally had to pop it back myself a few different times and then put vaseline around it. It was really hard to do though, because I knew it didn't feel good.