Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Puepa

It's so fun to have a day to celebrate those who gave birth to us.  My mom is awesome and I'm so grateful for her!  I also have a great mother-in-law who I am also really grateful for. 

Marshall and the boys made me feel really special this Mother's Day.  Chan gave a "puepa" with a poem from school.  I got some video of him giving it to me and it was so cute how he said it.  I finally told him it was called a Petunia, but I prefer Peupa. I also got a really neat canvas from Marshall and the boys.  Marsh photoshopped this picture of us and made me in color.  He said that he liked how they were all looking at me and that it portrayed that I am the center of their lives.  I got a bit teary eyed. :)

We tried to get a picture of the boys and me after church.  Classic faces right?


Janaca said...

Ha ha! I love what he called the petunia. So cute! That canvas is priceless. I love that you're the only one in color because you're the center of your home. What a thoughtful gift from your hubby!!

Jeralee said...

the homemade cards are the best! Glad that Marshall made it a special day for you