Friday, May 25, 2012

Chandler's Kindergarten Graduation

 I can't believe he's going to be moving on to 1st grade next year!  This year has gone quickly and Chandler has done fabulous.  We got to see him sing in the program today, and he had a short line to say (which of course I missed.)  Then we went to his classroom to see his favorite memory and see him get an award.  His teacher, Mrs. LeBaron has been fantastic.  He loved her so much and had a great year.

 The videos are split into 2 because you can view them in HD and I didn't want to mess with the video quality.  So I chose my favorite 2.  (Make sure to change the youtube viewing to HD in the bottom right corner.)

Congratulations Chandler, we love you!!

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Jeralee said...

Time flies! Good pics with your new camera.

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