Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is Bessie, (yes I realize it's a COW name but that was the name she came with.) Our first pet EVER. She's 4 years old and has the prettiest green eyes. She likes to hang out under the bed all day but I'm forcing her to be social today. I'm doing that because she likes to stay up all night. The other night she came in our room and tried to sleep with us but just ended up laying all over us. NOT cool. Last night we shut the door and she pawed and head butted the door until we let her in. We need to figure that out. Today we got her new bowls, a bed and some toys. I kinda like her...I think we'll keep her.


Snedakers said...

Wow! Everyone is getting pets!

Jeralee said...

the expression is classic. "Don't touch me, or I will take you down." I think she looks like a fund and interesting cat. The laying all over you on the bed. Sounds like kids. LOL