Friday, May 25, 2012

The Job

Remember the ultrasound job that I talked about in this post?  I was offered it at the first of the week.   I am the second student in the region to get hired and the first one to be hired for an independent position.  I know they were also looking at registered technicians outside the region so I'm really flattered to have been offered it.   I had some time to think and pray before the recruiter called me on Thursday to ask if I'd accept the position.  After some talking and contemplating, Marsh & I decided that I should accept it.  I'm really excited about a few things

1) To be doing something I love.  I really love ultrasound and while I'm a bit freaked out to be working independently on the weekends, I know I have it in me.  (Granted I will have the Radiologist to fall back on, but not another tech or my amazing clinical instructor.)

2)  To be able to spend time with my boys this semester.  I was planning on class Monday morning and then clinical on Tuesday & Wednesday, so 3 days a week.  With this job, I will be working every Saturday & Sunday with every other Sunday night call which means that I will be home with my boys Monday through Friday.  This was a big factor in the decision.  Plus my working hours will be counted as my clinical hours, so I'll be getting paid.  Being home with my boys during the week is priceless to me.

3)  Finally getting paid what I'm worth - This job is 2x what I was making in the ER at LDS. (I did put in my 2 weeks notice.)  There's also a $6 an hour pay increase when I become registered, which I will be doing in August or September.

The downfall in all of this is the fact that I won't get to attend church like I want to.  This was basically the power struggle I had with my job when I came to a realization:  It's not forever.   Things could change and other jobs could be made available.  I also realized that I have a strong testimony that will not waver.  I was expecting a yes or no answer when I prayed about it.   I didn't feel very strongly one way or another, but I just kept thinking about my testimony.  I realized that it was Heavenly Father asking me how my testimony was.  That was my answer.  I'll admit that there have been times in my life where I've been somewhat lazy in the gospel but I could never deny it.  I know it's true and everything it teaches protects and helps me and my family.  It was a bit amazing to me to realize just how much of a testimony I have and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  I'm SO grateful for it and that no one can take it away from me.  Marsh and I have talked about maybe him getting permission to give me the sacrament at home.  I'm also thinking they might do a sacrament service for workers & patients at the hospital that I will be working at.  I also had another tech offer to come in for a few hours occasionally so I can attend church occasionally.

I'm going to start training either the week of the 4th, or the week of the 10th, I'm not sure yet.  I'm grateful for this opportunity and blessing for our family.  I'm also grateful for a supportive husband who is also a great dad to our kids.  Here we go!


Janaca said...

Congrats!!! That is really exciting news. I'm sure everything will work out just great! Good luck with it all.

Jeralee said...

Congratulation! As for the weekends thing... don't sweat it, it sounds like you got your answer. Pretty much everyone that works in a service capacity - medical, public safety etc. has to work on Sundays at some point. These positions are 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week - as you know. I guess unless you are in an outpatient clinic, you are destined to work a weekend here and there.

Sounds like a great opportunity. Scary being on your own ( like you said) but exciting!