Sunday, April 29, 2012

Freedom! (For a Month)

I'm done with clinical for another semester!  I almost can't believe it, I'm so incredibly excited.  I have one online final and assignment to do and then I'll be home free until the first week of June.  As of now, I've completed just under 1500 clinical hours, and have about 200 left for the summer.  Looking back, I can't believe how quickly it's gone, even though it hasn't felt that way sometimes in the moment.  More than anything, it gives me complete peace of mind.  I know if something were to happen to Marshall or if he were to lose his job again, I could replace his income almost completely.  That's not to say a job would necessarily be available, but since ultrasound is such a specialized field my chances of getting a job are good.  Through ultrasound school, I've gotten to know some amazing people and you might have seen my friend Traci in my marathon post.  She's been a great friend through this whole journey and I can see us being friends for many years to come.  :)

With Traci @clinical, we feel loony half the time....

I was hoping to get hired on PRN (as needed, you pick up shifts) before I was done with school.  You don't have to be registered to work in the state of Utah, but most places it's a requirement.  There is one registry you can take before you graduate, and that's physics.  I've already taken and passed that, and there aren't a lot of students that have taken it yet which puts me at a bit of an advantage.  The region that I've done my clinical in has started looking to hire students since they know us, trust us, that type of thing.  They've hired one student already and it looks like more jobs are going to open up.  I've expressed openly to many of the techs that I'd really love a job and I really would.  Ultimately I'd like PRN because then I could pick up without being on the schedule regularly.  I know I want to work some when I graduate because it's too valuable of a skill to lose, I just want to be able to be home with my boys most of the time.  That brings me to the next issue.  There was a part time job they opened up to the students.  It's at the hospital closest to me.  It's every Saturday and Sunday day, 12 hour shifts.  I'm having such mixed emotions about it and ended up applying for it.  (This is the part that I hope nobody in ultrasound I knows reads this. ;) )  Really I applied because I want them to know that I'm interested in being employed when in reality I don't want to work every Saturday Sunday.  That would mean missing church every week which I don't think I am really prepared to do.  I'm not saying I've got the job in the bag, but I definitely think I'm in the running.  Secretly I hope I am not offered it, but they know I applied and am interested in other positions.  I'm not sure how it would affect my chances of getting another job if I was offered the position and ended up turning it down....I did apply for it after all.  I've played out every scenerio in my head, Marshall and I have talked about it possibly being temporary for a few months until something else became available.  When it comes down to it, it's almost like I know what I should do if I get offered it, but I know what I want to do.  Does that sound terrible?  I'm still not sure where I stand on it, need to do some praying and soul searching.  As I mentioned, I'm hoping that I just don't get offered it, then I don't have to even deal with it.  I'm not sure why I'm even bringing up the unknown, I guess I should cross that path when I get there.  It's just been on my mind a lot.

I'm so excited to spend some much needed time with the boys over the next month and give my house a deep clean and some TLC as well.  Here's to some needed time off!