Sunday, April 15, 2012

Playing Together

I've been thinking about these two little boys of ours a lot the last few weeks. Rowan's communication skills seem to be improving a bit although he's still behind. With improved communication comes ease of play between the boys. Chandler has often been frustrated in the past because he thinks Rowan is in "Spanish Mode" If you don't know where that line is from, you need to go watch Toy Story 3. Chan would want to play with Rowan, Rowan wouldn't understand and Chan didn't really have anyone to play with. Lately they've been playing together, really interacting. We got a slide with a tent underneath and tonight they were in that tent for over an hour talking and playing. Before that they were playing at the park together, and before that they were playing ipad together.

It absolutely melts my heart to see them getting along. Not to say they don't ever fight, but this is sort of what we had envisioned when we had the boys 2 years apart. I hope that they always have a good relationship and love each other.

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Janaca said...

Definitely a good feeling as a mom to see your kids getting along and having fun together. They are such cute boys!