Thursday, April 5, 2012

Preschool Pictures

I didn't even realize that Rowan was having school pictures done until he came home with a slip in his backpacks with some proofs. By the time I saw the proof, it was too late to order. So here's a picture of a picture. I keep staring at these little pictures and I can't help but realize JUST how big he is. And his cheesy smile is priceless. I love him. And I love that he's mine.


Snedakers said...

He looks like marshall!

Jeralee said...

I love the huge toothy grin! And the not knowing about the pictures? Same thing happened here. Moura saw hers, decided she didn't like them, and gave them back - even before I got to see them.... oh well.

Avry said...

I love the second one it makes me laugh! Cute kiddo!