Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Family In Idaho

This last weekend, we headed up to Idaho. Specificially we were going for Marshall's sister Ashley's Senior recital. She will be graduating in July with a Bachelor's in Music Performance. (Piano) The recital was Saturday and it was nothing short of spectacular. She did an amazing job and it's the kind of piano playing that gives you chills. :)   That picture below is of me with Ashley.  She's also 19 weeks pregnant, but you totally wouldn't guess it, she's still super tiny.

While we were down there, we barbecued with Marshall's family and with my family.  I wasn't great about taking pictures.  I just sold my DSLR and am waiting for my upgrade to come *SQUEAL!* so all I had was my iphone.

The pic below is Chan with 2 of his second cousins.  They are all close to the same age and play so well together.

This picture is of Rowan and two more of the second cousins, plus my niece Savanna.  She's great with kids and all of them love playing with her.

Before we took off to go back home, we got to sing Happy Birthday to my mother in law and watch her burn out the candles.  She's such a great woman, I'm glad to call her family.

Chandler sacked out on the ride home. Love his hair in this pictures. The boys played hard and slept a lot of the car ride home.

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Avry said...

Super fun weekend! Great pics!