Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today I.....

*got up early

*ran errands around town for something exciting coming up (more details to come)

*thought about exercising.... ;)

*went to a playdate at Sara's

*got a few clearanced things for the boys at GAP

*talked to my mom and both sisters on the phone

*made sticky chicken (which was marinated over night and slow cooked in the oven for 5 hours.  Delicious!)

*did laundry and cleaned

*comforted both my kids

*donated blood

I guess somedays I get more accomplished than I thought....


LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Yeah, sometimes we don't think we have done much and then when you write it down you think I did accomplish alot.

Joel & Lila said...

Sticky chicken?!? Yumm, sounds should share the recipe! I can't wait to hear about the upcoming excitement...that is always fun!

The King's said...

It is true, I think we accomplish more than we think but then some days just getting dressed is an accomplishment :)!!!

Snedakers said...

Way to give blood! We're sad we can't come down this weekend with everyone else. Hope you guys have a good weekend. See if everyone will draw names for Christmas. I'll probably be coming down in two weeks for a wedding, maybe we can get together?

Holly Mayer said...

When I first read this I thought it said made sticky children!

Avry said...

mmm the sticky chicken sounds delicious. :) Jer could give you oodles of ideas on how to use tofu! haha! Good for you for donating blood. I have tried to go over to donate the past 3 times to donate blood & they won't take mine.. they reject me. Guess I don't have good blood.