Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Puzzle Guru

Chan is really into puzzles right now. I knew that he could do the 12 piece puzzles, but he surprises me everyday. He got a big dino puzzle for his birthday and it's about 25 pieces. I usually have to help him put it together. When Marsh & I went out on Saturday night, my parents were down here so they watched the boys. They said Chandler was putting the big puzzle together by himself! Sure enough, he is doing it all by himself! (Oh and I must interject - it was SOOOO nice going on a date! Marsh even liked Twilight and I liked it just as much the 2nd time. It was heavenly to go out to dinner, eat my food while it was still hot and be able to have a good conversation without interruptions. Not to mention my date was pretty darn handsome :) ) Anyways...back to the puzzle thing.
I also found an animal puzzle in the dollar spot at Target a few months back. It's between 25-30 pieces. I decided to get it out and sure enough Chandler did it like it was nothing. Yesterday he did puzzles for over an hour straight. Loves the problem solving challenge, I guess. Pretty impressive!


Meggie said...

That is very impressive! Most of my preschoolers can't do puzzles without help, so that's pretty awesome!

Avry said...

Way to go Chan! When you come to our house today I will have to pull out a few puzzles! :)