Monday, November 3, 2008

Check ups

We went in for well child check ups today. Row's 9 month and Chan's 3 year. Chan was 32 lbs and 38 inches, and Rowan was 19 lbs 1 oz and 29 1/4 inches. They are both tall and skinny. Rowan's weight is really evening out. He weighed 5 oz less today than he did 3 weeks ago. I think it's because of how active he is. Chan looks great and healthy, and I wish I could say the same for Rowan. He's sick and has another ear infection. When he gets a cold it makes his asthma flare up terribly and he sounds like a dragon. We are trying another albuterol that has a steroid in it to see if that helps better with the wheezing. It's been pretty bad at night and I'm up a lot doing breathing treatments and not getting as much sleep as I'd like. I just hope he grows out of this asthma when he gets older. (Chan's b-day and Halloween pictures in the posts below)


S. Fantasia said...

Poor baby. I hope his asthma gets better too. For you and him. They are so cute, your boys. I wish they could play with mine. I bet they'd be such good buddies.

Monica said...

asthma already, poor Rowan. He sure is cute!

Holly Mayer said...

thanks Tiffany!