Saturday, November 15, 2008


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 20 things I am grateful for

1.  Family

2.  The warm cuddle of a baby

3.  A place to lay my head at night

4.  Sweets

5.  Good health

6.  The gospel and my Savior

7.  Hot bubble baths

8.  Sweat pants

9.  Friends

10. Laughter

11.  The miracle of life

12.  Kisses and Hugs

13.  The captured moment of a picture

14.  A hardworking, priesthood holding, handsome, incredible husband

15.  Exercise

16.  To be a mother

17.  My boys

18.  My education

19.  The smell of rain

20.  To be able to love and be loved

I am tagging EVERYONE who follows my blog to write 20 things you are grateful for on your blog.


The Petty's said...

That doctor's place is called Healing Solutions, and it is in the Greater SLC area, somewhere. The Doc last name is Humpherys. I don't imagine your regular peditrition will really recommend vit and minneral suppliments, but I maybe wrong. One thing I am learning is all suppliments are not created equal. This Dr Humpherys will be able to stear you in the right direction as far as that goes. He may also help you get Rowan off the steroids. I hope you will look into it. And hope it helps.

Avry said...

Awww Tiff that was awesome! I love reading what people are grateful for. Sweat pants!! Ditto that! :)

tiff snedaker said...

I think I might stick with my current dr. right now. I didn't realize that his subspecialty training is in asthma and allergies, so I'm pretty confident that he is steering us in the right direction for now. Thanks Sherrie.

Janaca said...

That was fun to read what you're Thankful for, and especially around this season! I'll have to do it on mine now. :)

Camille said...

What a great idea, I need to do this. Amen to the sweat pants. Speaking of which...