Thursday, February 2, 2012


First off, thanks for all your love on my last post. What a hard day it was, and sometimes I just need to vent. I think we are going to hold off on the referral for now to see if Rowan makes some improvements in his preschool first. Both Marshall and I feel good about that. I am feeling a bit better and am incredibly thankful for family, friends, kind words and small acts of service. THANK YOU!

If you've ever heard of Brian Regan, you'll know that he's hilarious. Marshall and I have loved his stuff for years. He's a super clean comedian that manages to keep you laughing, without doing what many other comedians do. I've seen certain comedians in the past that I turn off in less than 30 seconds because of what comes out of their mouth. When I heard Brian Regan was coming to SLC, I knew what I wanted to get Marshall for Christmas. I checked on tickets, only to find that they were mostly sold out and pretty costly. Then around Thanksgiving, I noticed that they added 3 more shows and found a place that sold the tickets cheaper. We went on a Saturday afternoon and had 7th row seats.
Before the show, we ate lunch at Tucanos (a Brazilian restaurant) and took the train down to where the show was, at Abravanel Hall. What a day to be outside. Tons and tons and TONS of rain which then turned into snow. I was wearing a pair of boots that were more for cute than protection and my feet were so wet and cold. When we finally got to the show, we couldn't stop laughing. The kind of laughing where your cheeks hurt so bad after an hour and a half. He did 10 shows here in SLC and I'm hoping he comes back again next year, it was so worth it! Wonderful date with my sweetheart. In case any of you haven't heard of Brian Regan, watch one of his clips below. Love it!

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Jeralee said...

Love Brian Regan! Marshall turned us onto him at the Lincoln City Family reunion. You lucky guys - so funny!

"Beware of the ME Monster!"