Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

Who would have known that when Marshall gave me my first Valentine's Day Present 13 years ago that we would be where we are today? We were the ripe age of 16 back then and I was totally in love in my 16 year old mind. I honestly could not ask for a better husband and father. He came home from work last night with balloons and an edible bouquet. I got some funny butterflies in my stomach when I looked at him and realized just how much I love him.

I still remember what he gave me that first Valentine's Day. Two roses, one purple, one white - my favorite. Although I may not remember every Valentine's Day from then to now, there's one thing I'm always reminded of. How much he loves me. Thank you Marsh. *

1 comment:

Janaca said...

You guys are too cute! Hope you had a happy valentines. That boquet looks good enough to eat! :) Always wanted one of those. Good choice Marshall!