Thursday, February 23, 2012

Instagram Recap

I've been using Instagram on my iphone ever since Marshall and I got our new phones in November. Looking back on a lot of the pictures, there were a lot of fun things and days that I documented, so I will be doing Instagram recaps every once in a while. (And if you are on it and aren't following, my user is tiffany01018.) Here are pics from the last 3 weeks....

My 29th birthday

Delicious closeup of my coldstone cake. Red velvet, chocolate ice cream, raspberry filling, chocolate ganache = heaven.

Birthday shoes, blue sparkly Toms.

Sold our iMac and got a new Macbook Pro. Makes my blogging more efficient!

My favorite cookbook. Tons of easy ideas and healthy.

Dinner out at Chili's thanks to a blogger klout perk

Caught Rowan coloring on the walls with crayons. Got it off with toothpaste, it actually works!

President's Day, Rowan still in Pj's and my crazy hair after a long workout.

Boys after church, love that they match.

Chan reading with Marsh

Looking around at some of the cool stuff at Ikea.

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Sara Birch said...

I wish I would have known you were selling your iMac! We were so close to buying a new one but then got all our hospital bills in the mail and changed our minds :). Love the new shoes.