Friday, February 25, 2011

Ready for Spring

I've decided that this last week I'm ready for Spring. Warmer weather, no snow, less sickness. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the snow. There just gets to be a time when it's time for it to be warm. The boys are antsy being inside all of the time, and when the sick bug hits, it usually gets Rowan hard. It's a hard balance to have sick kids when both Marsh and I have to be somewhere most of the time during the day. So Rowan stayed home from preschool all week. You know what really makes me mad? I think I can pinpoint the boy who got him sick. Last Thursday, I stuck around Rowan's classroom for about a half hour. One little boy was coughing and green snotting EVERYWHERE. I was surprised that the teachers didn't say anything and was hoping they would call his mom to come get him. It was the kind of cough that had a ton of mucous behind it. Not the 3 day old, I'm finally getting over this cough. His mom had to have heard it when she brought him in. Yet she still brought him. I think there's a difference when you can't tell your child is sick, they have a fever, etc and they are around other kids, versus having a horrid cough and green colored snot, SEEING it, and still bringing them in.
Let's fast forward to Sunday evening. Rowan starts coughing and it's all been downhill from there. Fever, cough, wheezing, and lots of snot. I know he couldn't have gotten it from church as he started coughing that night, and we didn't go anywhere else that he would have picked it up.
So Marsh stayed home Wednesday so I could go to clinical, and I stayed home Thursday so Marsh could go to work. And to that mom who sent her 3 year old to preschool when he really should have been home - here's a sarcastic thanks from me and any other kids who got sick.


Sara Birch said...

That is so frustrating. I know that sometimes parents have to be somewhere so they feel like they have no choice but to leave their sick kids at daycare/preschool. That is so irresponsible. They made the choice to become parents so it's their responsibility to take care of their kids if they are sick...not leave them at a preschool where they will get everyone else's kids sick. I also hate it when people bring their sick kids to church. This winter has been so bad with sickness! Hope Rowan is finally on the mend!

Janaca said...

Gotta love waking up to the blizzard then this morning right?! j/k At least it's melting fast. So sorry about Rowan being sick. That's really frustrating that some parents do that...send their kids public places when they know they're sick. Very mean! That picture of him is ADORABLE! I'm in love with it. Nice photography.

Avry said...

Poor kiddo catches everything! Hope he is feeling better now.

Snedakers said...

I hate that!! I feel like I've been sick for like a month, just get over a cold and then get another one, I think it might have to do with being around primary kids and Jake being in the nursery, there's always something going around.