Friday, February 4, 2011


About 3 weeks ago, Chandler got a CTR (Choose the Right) ring from one of his teachers at church. He was so excited when he showed it to me and said he wanted to Choose the Right. It's been interesting to talk with him when things happen, and I see the wheels turning in his head when I ask him what Jesus would want him to do and what is the right way to choose in certain situations. (Fighting with brother, listening to mom and dad, etc.) Although it's a cheap ring worth only about a quarter, it's amazing what kind of an impact it's had on him, and how it makes him stop to think. It hasn't left his little finger since he got it, and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.


Janaca said...

So cute!! Jordan got his 1st one too a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately he hasn't wanted to wear it much, says it bothers him. That's awesome Chandler loves it so much and that it's making him think more about his choices. Cute boy!

Randi and Adam said...

That's way cute! I love how simple things like that can have such an impact on our little ones!