Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Man Love

I really haven't been home that much this week. I've had clinical and work everyday, sometimes work overnight. Today was the first day that I got to be home with the boys and I have to be honest that it tugged at my heart strings a little bit. I'm so excited to be cutting back at work this next week and will only have 1 shift a week. That should lighten the load a bit. I pulled out the camera today to get some shots of the boys in some new clothes we got to review.

They were adorable as always, and as I edited the pictures for the post this afternoon, I was reminded just why they tug at my heart strings. Perfect, healthy, handsome boys. I sure am blessed.

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Kayla said...

totally understand the heart strings thing... i was away from kate for 24 hours and i kid you not- i teared up when i got to hold her again. those dang kids just worm there way into your heart!

hope you work sat pm cuz it sucks not having you there