Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well Child Checkups

Thought I would do a quick post on the boy's well child checkups before I forgot stats and such.
I took them both in yesterday as it works out easier to get them both done in one appointment. It's so hard to take them both places, and I really try to avoid it unless Marshall is with me. First off was weight and heights:

Chandler @ 5 years: 40 lbs and 43"
Rowan @ 3 years: 32 lbs and 37"

When we looked at the growth chart, they were both 50% for both height and weight, which I expected. I am a little surprised that Chandler isn't taller, but I'm sure it will hit sooner or later considering Marshall and I are both tall.
Chan had an eye test, and has great vision, and then the Ped came into talk to us. I've really been avoiding going to the pediatrician as I knew exactly what he would say when I told him I haven't been giving Rowan his meds. He's supposed to be on Singulair granuals once a day, and an inhaled steroid through a spacer twice a day. Last summer, the ped said we could maybe wean him off if he was still doing well. I watched and listened, and started weaning him off myself at the end of the summer. He seemed to do great, and we've actually had a pretty mild winter so far. I think that attributes to the fact that I haven't taken either of them out much. Church and to my sister's and my friend's house to be babysat while I go to school, but that was about it. Even though the ped wasn't happy, he told me Rowan was ok to be off his meds and be sure to use his albuterol if he needs it. I seriously believe that some kids are over medicated, and haven't felt like Rowan needed it. My friend who is a respiratory therapist mentioned to me that even though he may not be struggling to breathe, he may need his meds as he might not be getting as deep as a breath as he needs. While I believe that this might be the case, I still feel that he's done well not being on meds, and I've chosen to keep him off for the time being.

Next, it was time for shots. Both the boys got flu shots, even though I'm pretty sure they had the flu at the first of the month. They were both horribly sick for about 4 days, but I never took them in, so I don't know for sure. They also both got one other shot, I'd have to go look at their records to see which one it was. Chandler just stared while he watched Rowan get his two shots in his leg. He then sat there by the door, traumatized, and began to fight the nurse and I when it was his turn. I'm surprised at just how strong he's gotten and the fight he has in him. We finally got him into position, and the tears were streaming down his cheeks. Once the nurse was done, Chan said, "Is that all? That wasn't so bad?"
He then smiled momentarily and started to bawl again. Poor boy. He did survive though and we can now register him for kindergarten next week. Of course he was ok after a run through the drive through at McDonald's and only has a small bruise now.

How I love these boys, but I would be lying if I said they didn't challenge me everyday. I look at other moms who have pretty mellow children and wonder what it would be like. But then I have to remind myself that I'm glad that my kids are headstrong and know that they will fight for things that they want in life. I hope neither of them lose that fire, although I don't mind them calming down.

I look at Rowan right now, and he is the epitome of Chandler at this age. Communication is lacking, but I'm not worried because he does say over 100 words and is putting things together. It's just taking more time, and he will likely be 3 1/2 or so, JUST like Chan before he's potty trained. He's incredibly active and trusting of other people.
We went to Ikea last night, and Rowan was crazy. He would cry, and push, and shove, and run, and make messes. Everything you don't want a child to do. I just have to hold tight onto him and put on a fake smile while he thrashes around.
Lastly, we lost Rowan at church today, which is totally a Chandler thing too. I went to get Chan from his class, and Marshall had Rowan during the last block. Rowan weaseled away from Marsh, and ran down the hall. Marshall got out of the class as quickly as he could, saw me, and told me which way Rowan had run. After 15 minutes, I lost it. We couldn't find him anywhere in the church and he wasn't anywhere outside. I was frantically bawling and couldn't think straight. Another 5 minutes went by and I started to assume the worst. Rowan has no stranger fear, even though we've tried to teach him, and would probably go with someone. Also, he'd stand in the middle of the road, even if a car was coming. I decided to look outside one more time, and a Sister in our ward was carrying him toward the church. He was a block down, out of sight, playing in the road. I count my lucky stars that she and her family walk home and she noticed something was out of place to see him playing in the road. It just takes a second. Longest 20 minutes of my life.

Now I'm off track. Started with Well Child Checkups, ended with random thoughts about my crazy wonderful boys. Oh well, it's my blog. :)


Jeralee said...

ah.... that lost child at the church episode. How scary.

Rowan sounds JUST like Geoff, when Geoff was that age. (I was like 16 years old.) I remember all too well, as I was in charge of babysitting him a lot. He was a lot of work!

It goes by fast and they grow up fast.

Nicole Stucki said...

I totally understand how you feel about having a mellow child. Lol. I always get so jealous of those moms whose kids stay right by their sides. And here I am trying to keep track of my little girlies. Oh well it's all good. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Your boys are just so dang cute! We should meet up in Salt Lake sometime. It would be fun to get together.

Sara Birch said...

Wow, that's way scary about Rowan at church. I've always got to keep a super close eye on him when I watch him because he loves to just run out of my house. Don't worry, though, I'm super paranoid and always have him in my sight:).

Janaca said...

Glad your boys are growing so well and that Rowan has been okay without his meds! I am SO sorry you had to have a lost child for awhile! Glad it all turned okay but that is by far one of the WORST feelings ever!! I totally feel your pain cuz I've had it happen to me too. No fun!

Randi and Adam said...

That is so scary...there's nothing worse then a fear for your child! Glad everything turned out good!I know how you feel...sometimes I feel like my kids are the only ones screaming, running..etc, through EVERY store or place we go. lol. I think we all think that. Your boys sure are cute and getting so big! Crazy.