Tuesday, January 18, 2011


While we were in Idaho after Christmas, we went sledding with Marshall's family. Let's just say it's been a while since I've been sledding. I mostly stood at the top and took pictures, but went down a couple times. It was SO super cold so we didn't stay too long, but the boys absolutely loved it.

Where's Rowan? And why isn't he buckled up? I'm just now realizing this.

Love this photo.

Natalie, Chris & Jake

Check out Marshall's sweet hat.

Beautiful Day

Grandma Snedaker getting Claire (Chris & Natalie's daughter) ready.

Marshall and I didn't bring snow clothes, so we used whatever we could find at his parent's house. Alas, my fabulous magenta hat and Kelly Canyon coat.

That day, we also got bambino's (a must have when we visit Idaho), and visited BYU-Idaho to see how much campus has changed. I almost don't recognize it with all of the remodeling they've done. Brought back a lot of memories though, as I was involved there for 7 years. (Marsh was a Freshman when I was a Sr., so we were there 3 additional years after I graduated.)


Snedakers said...

That was fun! Cute pics, and nice hat ;)

Betty and Wilma said...

Adorable family.. Thanks for the by proxy experience! Keep on posting..

Avry said...

You look cute no matter what you wear! The sledding looks fun and uh yeah hopefully you didn't drive anywhere with Row unbuckled! I doubt you were driving because I don't think he would sit still in his carseat - as soon as he realized he wasn't buckled I am sure he would have been outta there!