Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Year Older

Happy Birthday on the 7th to Marshall! He's getting old. (28) Although, I shouldn't say that, because I'm not far behind. We celebrated by doing a raclette dinner which was super yummy! Marshall used the raclette all of the time when he was in France. We could never get his to heat up hot enough when he brought it home because the voltage in outlets is different here in the US, so I got him a new one for Christmas. It's also called a party grill, if you don't know what I'm talking about. We got some yummy cheeses, fresh veggies, and canadian bacon and sausage. You melt the cheese on the bottom, and grill the meats and veggies on the top, then basically eat from it as you go. We also did parsley potatoes, and it was delish!

I made Marshall a double layer fudge cake. It turned out yummy, but the glaze wasn't quite right. And since when do I call my husband dad? I realized that when I wrote it on the cake. Oh well.

Love love love this man, and it was so much fun to celebrate with him.


Kayla said...

happy birthday mr marshall (whom i don't know but still think you're cool)

i do believe the glaze turned out just fine- that cake looks DELISH to me!! major props on a fancy meal for the hubs.

Melody said...

Because it's more economical to write "dad" than "marshall." Way to streamline! :)

That looks super yummy, too. We really need to get together one of these days, I keep thinking it would be so fun to meet somewhere the kids can go nuts while we catch up!

Jeralee said...

You landed yourself a great guy when you married Marshall! The raclette looks like a fun dinner. I bet the boys just loved it.