Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi from the Bahamas! I can't believe how relaxed and wonderful it is to get away. We got here late Friday night and have basically been kicking back. Sleeping, eating, laying on the beach, talking. I can't remember the last time I had this much time just to focus on Marshall and me, it was probably before we had kids. We have some fun excursions planned for the week, and the weather has been perfect so far - mid 70's. I miss my babies like crazy though. It's funny how you always feel like you need a break from your kids, and when you finally get one, you think about them and miss them. Oh well, they are in good hands up in Idaho with puppy & papa. I'm going to try to update our trip as we go so I don't have a ton to blog when we get home. Wish I could share the warmth with you all back home. :)


Janaca said...

Sounds heavenly! Just soak it all in, it will be over all too soon I'm sure.

Kayla said...

i'm trying very hard to be happy for you but the jealousy is almost too much. it's dreary and cold here today so enjoy the heat and sun!!!