Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bahamas - Part 2

The week that we were there in the Bahamas, we booked a couple of excursions to do. Our hotel concierge was amazing and really funny, her name was Genie. She was the one that told us about day trips and we booked through her. We decided to book an Island tour on Monday and an authentic Bahamian bonfire party on Tuesday. We only booked out that far as we weren't sure what else we wanted to do.
The Island tour was very informative, and one of our favorite stops was Garden of the Groves. It is a fabulous garden that was made to show thanks to a man that really got the Grand Bahama up and going. He put a ton of money and time into it and even negotiated a 100 year tax free deal with Britain. The garden was full of tropical flowers and plants, ponds, waterfalls, and more.

After the garden, we went to some liquor store which I thought was odd since we have those all over in the US, but others seemed to be excited. We also saw a lot of the homes and how the people lived.
Next, we headed off to a small market to have lunch which was Conch. Conch is a type of snail that grows in a really beautiful shell.

They are a lot of white muscle and live on the bottom of the ocean. It's one major thing that they eat in the Bahamas. We got to see how they got the Conch from the shell and were able to eat it grilled. It was actually pretty interesting and tasted quite good. We ate it almost every way you could prepare it while we were there. (The picture below is of Genie, our concierge. She actually met us there since her friend owns this little place and helped show us about the Conch.)

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