Monday, November 8, 2010

Chandler's 5th Birthday Party

We've never really had a birthday party for either of the boys. We've celebrated with family and a few close friends before, but haven't ever done a real party with lots of friends. Since Chan was turning 5, I decided he would love having a party. I started planning it the end of September, and I shouldn't have told him a month before it was happening. Since he doesn't have a lot of concept of time, he would ask me frequently when it was. I whipped out my mad photoshop skills and made his invitations. They turned out pretty cute, don't you think? (I must also mention that I got 15 of them printed in a 5x7 size for less than $3 and that included shipping. I refuse to ever pay full price for anything. :) )

The day of the party, Chan and I headed out to do some last minute shopping. We picked up Chan's cake, a batman one, and headed home. I must say it was totally worth the $17 that I paid Walmart to make it.No headache, no trying to be creative, and Chandler was definitely impressed.

We had a superhero/hero theme. Chan wanted to do superheros but since we invited girls, I thought we'd just make it dress up. That way kids could dress up as superheros if they wanted, or just in their Halloween costume.

The guests started arriving right before 1 pm. We had 10 kids total, including Chan and Rowan. We played lots of games, did a small craft, had cake and ice cream and then played. It turned out really great! One of the games we played was "Wrap the Mummy" We used toilet paper and I thought this picture was hilarious.

All of the party guests

I also did a short movie with video we took that day as well as a few other pictures I didn't include in the post.


Janaca said...

So fun! That's so good of you to do a friend party. I have yet to do one for either of my boys. Maybe next year when Jordan turns 5! Thanks for inviting him.

Avry and Justin said...

looks like it turned out great!

Katie S said...

This was such a fun idea. Sawyer had a wonderful time.