Thursday, April 30, 2009

15 months

We went in for Rowan's well baby, or should I say sick baby appointment?
Here's the rundown:

Weight:  21 lbs 14 oz (20%)
Height: 32"  (80%)
2 ear infections
2 shots
1 wheezing boy
2 prescriptions (steroids and an antibiotic)

Let's hope that summer brings some better breathing and lack of ear infections!


Avry and Justin said...

Poor baby! Hopefully he can get some relief soon! :(

The Fantasias said...

Poor guy. Hope it's not the swine flu. :o)

Camille said...

Poor little man. At least he's cute, right? I'm thinking you need to take him to a warmer climate for a while. I know of just the place...

Sara Birch said...

Oh, man, that poor little guy! Well, when he gets feeling better, we should get together for a playdate and do something fun....maybe the aquarium or zoo?