Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Idaho Trip

It seems like life never slows down.  We went to Idaho this past weekend for Parker's (Marshall's brother) baptism.  It was so fun to see family that we haven't seen since Christmas.  Chandler was so happy to see his cousin Claire and they played really well all weekend.  In fact, I haven't see Chan that well behaved in a long time, it was REALLY nice.  Rowan was of course clingy, and slept horrible.  He seemed to cry like half the time and the other half was glued to my hip while pulling on my hair.  My camera started going dead so I got hardly any pictures from the weekend, but did manage to get a few.  Rowan and his cousin Jake happened to have the same pajamas, little twinners.  Chan is 5 months older, but they are pretty much the same size.  The battery in my camera was dying, so I didn't a lot of pictures - but here are the few that I got:

Parker after his baptism
Jake & Rowan

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Avry said...

Sorry Rowan gave you a rough time, I have noticed he has become a bit more clingy of you. Sounds like overall you had a good time! :)