Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet Hungry

The other day I was in Walmart and had just Chandler with me. I told him if he was a very good boy, he could pick out a treat. He was a very good patient boy for over a half hour while I shopped, so we headed over to the toy department. He found this very realistic lizard for $1. I could handle that. He also decided he wanted a push pop, so we headed to the check out with his lizard and push pop. Here's how our conversation went:

"What's your lizard's name Chandler?"

"His name is HUNGRY!"

"Hungry? Is hungry the lizard hungry?"

"Yeah, Hungry's hungry!"

After the cashier had scanned his toy and treat, Chandler proceeded to open the push pop and started eating it. He was considerate enough to remember that hungry was hungry, and shoved the push pop into his mouth over and over. Then he'd look up at me and smile quite proudly.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany's lizard photos

A little bit about Hungry:

  • Length: Just over a foot
  • Weight:  2,000 flies
  • Color:  Tan with red spots
  • Sleeps: In Chandler's closet on a blanket.  
  • Loves hanging out in the dishwasher, or so Chan tells me.
  • Can stretch really far, is really squishy, and feels real.....ewww
  • Now has a crooked smile from being gorged with a push pop

I can quickly see that Hungry is becoming part of the family. ;)


Jeralee said...

Oh, I died laughing. That is quite the lizard and I LOVE the picture! Good post!

BTW, I told Joe the two stories, your psych patient and the one about "Peter" and how strong Chandler was. He thought they were hysterical.

David and Melissa Belnap said...

Oh that is SUPER funny!!! LOVE that!!

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Cute!. This is so neat that you girls are writing the stories down. Wish I had done that or did more home movies.

Avry said...

Haha!! Each kid has their own little "pet" don't they? Love that lovely lizard! Maeli has carted around "bubbles" and all his friend for about 18 months now. (they are eraser hands) Hopefully Hungry will be a lifetime pet! ;)
Hey I text you about doing your hair does any night this week work for you to come up? call me

Melody said...

What a clever name, and what a funny guy! That is such a fun post.

Mo said...