Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun. Other than the fact that I worked almost 30 hours this weekend (Thurs- Sun anyways,) and over 4 hours of commuting, I am beat. Our home looks like a war zone, and I'd rather blog :) I definitely need some R&R though. Friday night we colored Easter eggs. Chandler was really into it this year, he loved it. The easter bunny came on Saturday since I had to work today. Since Chandler's birthday is late Fall, and it doesn't make much sense to get a bike in the middle of winter for Christmas, the Easter Bunny brought Chandler a bike. He was SOOO excited! However, since it has a flat tire and the chain keeps falling off, I think we are going exchange it. Then of course there was tons of candy, a Lilo and Stitch dvd, and little wind up toys for both the boys. Saturday afternoon we headed up to Justin & Avry's for Savanna's baptism. (I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her, but I'm sure Avry will post some sometime this week.)
Afterwards we went back to Avry & Justin's to barbecue and have an Easter egg hunt. Rowan was a regular pro and got a lot of eggs. As soon as we went outside, Chandler started hitting other kids with his easter basket. Go figure. He'd rather do that then search for eggs.
Today was the first day shift I had to work. I have to work Sundays every so often, but I'm hoping that will change when we get a new schedule for this summer. It sounds like Marshall had quite the adventure at church with the boys and ended up coming home after Sacrament meeting. As soon as Marshall said the "p" word, (primary) I guess Chandler totally flipped out and ran outside. He was kicking and screaming, and Rowan started screaming and crying because Chan was. I guess Chandler looked at Marsh and said, "No primary dada! I'm going home!" He started running down the sidewalk. After being punched and kicked repeatedly, Marshall just came home and put Chan down for a nap. I feel so bad I wasn't there to help him. I can't believe how much we've butted heads with Chandler in the last couple years, and he's only 3. He is so extremely headstrong and I just don't understand why he hates primary so much? I look at parents who have a lot of small children and think they must either be Saints, or have children that behave really well. It's all I can do some days not to have a nervous breakdown with just our two. I'm sure hoping that Chan grows out of this defiant stage. Now that I am totally off subject, I'd appreciate some tips to try to get him to primary?!
There's the weekend in a nutshell, and a plethora of pictures below.

Coloring Easter Eggs

Easter Goodies

At Avry's house after the baptism

Mark, Jason, Geoff and Cheryl.  (It was my first time meeting Geoff's fiance.  They are getting married in June.)
Grandpa Nielson & Row

Easter Egg Hunt


Sara Birch said...

Looks like such a busy and fun weekend!

S. Fantasia said...

Easter bunny was lame here. No bike. ;o) Sounds like a fun day!

Johnson Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun, even though you had to work a ton! That's funny that Chandler got a bike, because Bridger did too, since he also has a winter birthday!

Avry said...

Whew.. what a whirlwind weekend! It was good to see you guys & we had fun with the egg hunt!

Rachelle Jesse Jaramillo said...

What a busy weekend, Looks like you had fun!!!

Heather N. said...

Good luck with the Primary issue. Emma just turned 4 and is very headstrong as well. It's a struggle, and we only have one! Easter looked like a ton of fun with the family. Take it easy...(Easier said than done, I know.) =)