Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July - Fun Facts


* Says: "So cute!" to almost everything, especially his little brother.

* Loves to wrap up in his duck blanket and say, "I so warm!"

*Doesn't exactly love smiling for the camera...

* Can't get enough of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Finding Nemo

* Is putting sentences together. Example - the other day he found a cough drop and said, "Wow - I found a candy!" -Proud moment :)

*He's settled into our new place and goes to bed quickly and without complaining

*Takes about a 2 hour nap everyday, give or take

*Wants to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cookie Crisp for every meal. (Yes I buy him lots of sugary cereal)

*Is wearing size 3T shorts & tops and is almost in a size 9 shoe


*Is rolling front to back and back to front

*Wears 6-12 month clothes

*Sits up well by himself

*Hates most babyfood except squash and rice cereal (don't blame him, have you tasted the stuff?)

*Likes fresh fruits and ice cubes in his fresh food feeder

Rowan eating squash - notice those two little teeth he's had for over 2 months now? I finally got a decent picture of them!

*Starting to eat fruit & veggie puffs

*Started "trying" to drink out of a sippy cup

*Is still waking up 4-6 times at night - yes I am tired

*6 months old!

*Is looking more like his daddy. I was looking at a few of Marshall's baby pics the other day and realized that Rowan has the same eyes and face shape as Marsh.


Sara Birch said...

Wow, is Rowan really 6 months already? I guess so because Jonas is going to be 2 months...where does the time go? He looks so big sitting up all by himself! BTW, I have the same Boppy cover...Target special??

S. Fantasia said...

So jealous! He has teeth? Eli still looks like a toothless old man. :O)

Jeralee said...

It's good you are blogging these things, as it makes a nice record to refer back to when you forget how old they were when they did certain things. Believe me, you will forget. LOL
Give the boys a squeeze from me.

Avry said...

It was fun sleeping over last night.. YAWN although I am tired from Rowan waking up so much- I DON'T know how you do it. Thanks for letting me mug on your boys!

Cassie Mickelsen said...

Your boys look like so much fun. They are adorable. I love those pictures of you guys from high school. Me & Lorin have some old ones like that . They are so fun to look back on. It was fun seeing you in the story the other day. Small world!

Holly Mayer said...

I thought I was the only mom of a six month old who is still up every 2 hours. Glad to hear arora isn't to weird that way. Rowan is so cute!

Snedakers said...

Rowan's hair is so long! What fun little boys.