Friday, July 11, 2008

Busy Family Fun

Since Marsh has been gone I've wanted to stay busy so I don't dwell on the fact that he isn't here. We've done just that. My sister Jeralee and her family have been here in Utah staying at Avry's so we've been able to spend some time with them. On Wednesday my mom came down and treated everyone. We all met up and went to the Children's museum. The kids had a lot of fun there.

Chandler playing with blocks 10x bigger than the ones he has

Kade & Maeli on tv...ok so not really.

Chandler and the helicopter. He was pretty impressed to see a full sized helicopter up close and get to sit in it. There was a button that you could push that sounded like it was taking off. He was super excited and really thought he was flying in it. :)

Rowan & Aunt Avry


Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Holy amazing - it was so good. I had a chicken Thai pizza and it was so yummy. I will definitely be eating there again! After lunch we went down to the fountains and let the kids cool off.

Running through the fountains

Sweet sleeping baby :)

Kade & Maeli trying to warm up

Attempt at a self portrait w/Avry

I found the brick I was talking about in the last post and that made me miss Marshall right there. It's the first time I've seen it on our actual anniversary and he wasn't even there with me.

Then it was on to get ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. After that we walked around stores for a while. We wandered into Tilt because we figured the kids would like it. Guess we are all kids at heart because we all had fun. A few of the kids were playing this "candy game" which was only a quarter to play and were winning quite a bit. Jer & I are candyaholics so we thought we would try our luck at the game. 50 cents later, I had nothing to show. 75 cents later, Jeralee won a tiny fireball. We were both laughing pretty hard. The game was called Sweet Land 4....wonder what 1,2 & 3 were like? LOL
We went over to my brother Jason's to have a barbecue that night. Chan had been going all day without a nap and was pretty wired. He didn't eat any dinner but was right there when my mom started passing out ice cream sandwiches. Let's just say my brother's house isn't the most kid friendly and Chandler was finding random things to play with aka: the hose, a big dirt pile, kayaks. It was fun to get to see my brother's house since he has been remodeling it since he moved in a long time ago....can't remember exactly how long he's lived there.

Here is a little video clip from that night. It seems like my camera takes terrible videos ever since the lcd screen got smashed. Here's to hoping for a new camera soon! (Notice Chandler trying to get Justin's little girl Savanna with the hose.)

Yesterday we decided to go down to Avry's in Syracuse to hang out. It is exactly an hour from our apt to her house so not too bad of a drive. The boys slept the whole way there and Chandler was excited to be able to play with all of his cousins again. They played in the pool in Avry's yard and then we barbecued that night & celebrated Maeli, Charlise, & Kaden's birthdays. We made kabobs - one that had different vegetables and smokies. The other one had steak & onions. My BIL Joe made this amazing rub for the steak. It was all SOOO good. I think I've eaten enough food for the entire week!

It was so fun to spend some time with family these last few days. I think we are completely exhausted and will lie low for a couple days!


The Bluths said...

Wow, you have been busy!

Sara Birch said...

It is always good to keep busy while they are gone! That's why I always tried to set up a lot of play dates when Jeff was gone. Just think though, its only two weeks, not four months like I did! We'll probably be moving down the first part of August. They don't have a job site to put him on until then because they finished the project in park city. They said something about the Riverton Hospital but who knows where they'll really place him. We've pretty much sold our contract, just need to sign the paper work. We're in the process of boxing everything up and all that. We might be coming down next week to get an apartment, if so I'll bring you're Scentsy bars.

Hi, I'm Erin said...

How fun! You have been busy. Yay for California Pizza Kitchen- did you know they sell frozen pizza's at Wal-Mart? They're yummy too.

Avry said...

Ahhh you would have to put on a video of my fatt butt & me yelling at the kids. :P oh well it was a lot of fun.

Scott Nielson said...

Thanks for catching us up on things

Jeralee said...

Ah Tiff, the fireball. The atomic fireball. I will never forget you likening it to gambling when we were playing the game. "Just one more, just one more. I'm sure I'll win this one." That made me laugh so hard.

Fun to see you guys this past week!