Friday, May 23, 2008

What to do...

Not a whole lot is new here.  Seems like I often have people asking how the job hunting is going.  I think both Marshall and I are feeling restless and are ready to get on with our lives.  Nothing came of Marshall's interview he had in Boise so that one is out.  I think it's funny how employers try to tell you nicely when they don't want you for a job.  Just a few of the examples:  
"We've got other candidates that will better match our needs."  

 "There were others that were more qualified."  

Why can't they just say, "We decided not to hire you, but here are the reasons....."  Plain and simple.  

I don't really get the "more qualified" excuse that they give when it comes to entry level positions. Marshall has been working really hard to build his resume the last 4 years and personally I think it is pretty impressive, especially when he is up against other college grads.  (Not that I am biased or anything because I'm super proud of my hubby.)  :)    I had to post his resume in pieces because it was in a pdf format - so you'll probably have to click on them to be able to read them.  


Anyways, we've been waiting to hear back from Young & Rubicam who is just outside of Detroit. Marshall would really love to work for an advertising agency and this is one that is definitely at the top of his list. We were supposed to find
out a week ago if he got the job which is for an entry level Account Coordinator. They were still doing interviews until yesterday I guess, so he's supposed to know by mid next week if he got it. So here we sit, itching to get out of Rigby and waiting for our opportunity....

And for your viewing enjoyment, a random video of Chandler dancing.


Shaylen said...

That video is cute! It is funny how little kids just dance to anything. I can hardly wait! Sorry to hear that job search isn't going too well. Hang in there, it will come.

Camille said...

Oh Tif, I remember this well. The right job will come along, I'm sure of it!

Mo said...

Oh the job hunt. What a pain. I hated it so much I joined the Army. ;)

S. Fantasia said...

Oh, the woes of the job hunt. Keep your chin up, the right job will find you and I'm sure you'll know it when it comes. I think Dev emailed Marshall (or you?) about the resume. I think Marshall's resume looks great though so it is just a matter of time at this point. You'll be in our prayers.

That video of Chandler is hilarious!! I love it. You are a good mom to let him have such a, dare-I-say, annoying toy. LOL That thing is pretty loud and the song is creepy.