Friday, May 30, 2008

Falling Asleep

I love it when babies do things like this. Rowan was playing with his toys and fell asleep holding it. When the toy would start moving again, it'd startle him but he'd fall back asleep anyways.


Avry said...

Don't you wish we could sleep through anything like that?

S. Fantasia said...

Kids are so amazing. Eli has been falling asleep everywhere like that too lately. I wanted to mention (for no good reason at all) that Eli has that same firetruck onesie set from Target AND the barnyard toy he's playing with from Walmart. LOL - I felt I was watching Eli play. :O)

The Bluths said...

That is SO cute! I can't wait till Gavin starts holding things. He is slowly starting to be aware of objects and his hands touching them.