Thursday, March 6, 2008

Family Pics

Here are family pictures we had done at Gugelman's while everyone was home. They shot us all individually so they can compile a big family picture which is nice because it guarantees that  everyone will look good.

My Mom & Dad

My oldest brother Jason

Brother Geoff

My brother Clint's family (Aurelia, Nadia, Clint & Bianca)

Us Again

My nephew Kaden

My niece Maeli

Mom & Dad with all 6 kids

Marshall & Chandler

Rowan & me

Very rough draft of what our "compiled" family picture will look like

The whole group shot together

My sister Jeralee's family (Moura, Joe, Jeralee, Charlise)

Clint & Bianca

The whole group again

Jer's family again

My sister Avry & her husband Justin

Clint & Bia

My niece Charlise

Avry & Justin

What a day, and there were a lot more proofs that I didn't post. The pictures turned out great and I know my mom is really happy that she pushed to have them done. Now to come up with the $$ to order them!


S. Fantasia said...

I am in love with that compiled version. That looks amazing. What a cool idea. :o) You all look great. I wish I could convince my family to do this but my mom wouldn't be caught dead in a professional picture. She is so camera shy.

Avry said...

Hey girl how did you copy & paste them? I couldn't get them to copy & paste!
So question is- they said they would give us a discount if we all ordered so how big of a discount? AND will they sell us digital copies? (burn us a disk) for a price or if we order??

amanda said...

tiffany, i really want to get erics family together to do family pictures does he have a big family package you can get? i was mostly wondering what it cost to get the pictures they look so good.

tiff snedaker said...

Avry - I took a screen shot of the pictures, you can't just save them. He said he would give us 15% off our total order. I have no idea about the digital copies - you could probably e-mail him and ask....

tiff snedaker said...

Amanda - my mom paid the sitting fee which I think was $175 and goes toward your portrait order. That included sittings for all of our individual families too. When you actually order prints they are really very pricey. We are just getting an 8x10 for our wall and I think it's like $80. Ouch - what you pay for professional pictures these days.

Avry said...

Not only did she have to pay a $175 sitting fee but I believe she had to pay another $150 retainer fee & the $150 retainer goes towards photos. The $175 does not.. What do ya say mom?

Aurelia said...

ok, so what do you mean by screen shot?

Camille said...

They turned out great, Tif! I have too many favorites to list, but way to go having such a cute fam. :-)

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

The sitting fee was $75 and an extra $50 for Saturday. I then had to pay a $175 retainer fee which goes toward pictures we order. He has won alot of awards and is really good. I am going in Tuesday to help with the Heritage pose and will ask about the cd

Tara said...

Those pictures are beautiful! You guys look great! Can't wait for you to come back to work! We miss you tons!

Mike & Traci said...

How the Heck are ya!!! You guys are soo cute and your family is soo precious!! My blog is

I would love to keep in touch :)

Laura Howe said...

Those are great pictures. I bet that was quite the task with all those little ones and all those people to get such great pictures. You have a beautiful family.