Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7 weeks

I can't believe how fast time is going and that Rowan is now 7 weeks old. He's a little bit fussier of a baby than Chandler but is still pretty good so I can't complain. By this point Chandler had cradle cap, a clogged tear duct, eczema, and baby acne really badly. Rowan has a bunch of the baby acne around his mouth and the top of his chest but other than that his skin looks really good. It seems like I don't ever see other babies with problems like that, especially the baby acne. I don't know why my kids get it so bad. He's also a pro at digging into his skin and scratching himself when he's hungry or "having a party in his pants" as my SIL Natalie would say. He's started cooing and "talking" the last few days which is fun. He's gotten quite good at crossing his eyes too in order to focus, lol
He loves his swing (it's the Fisher Price Rainforest one) and will coo at the animals on the mobile.
We've also had 2 nights where he's slept a 5 hour stretch...yeah!


S. Fantasia said...

So cute. I love the tongue!

The Bluths said...

I love watching Supernanny. Great show and makes me feel good about myself because there are some dumb parents out there :)

Camille said...

I can't believe he's 7 weeks old already! What a handsome little guy!

Hi, I'm Erin said...

I think Rowan has your eyes, doesn't he? Did Chandler's tear duct unclog on it's own? Zander's is still clogged, so I think they'll have to probe it at his 6 mo checkup tomorrow :(