Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ready for Spring

Every year about this time, I get antsy for Spring.  This year especially.  It seems like the snow just keeps coming, the cold weather lingers, and it's almost March.  I feel like the boys have had their fare share of electronics for the entire year. Between not feeling great quite often and it being pretty cold outside, we've hung out inside, a LOT.  I also feel like I just can't warm up this winter.  My hands are constantly cold, and I feel like I'm shivering half the day.  I keep the heat cranked up high, am always in sweats and am taking multiple showers and baths a day and still can't kick it.  I was joking with Marshall that I'll probably miss being cold when I'm 36 weeks pregnant at the end of July.   We have gotten out to do a few fun things, one being the Dinosaur Museum.

We had a membership to Thanksgiving Point a few years ago when we lived a few minutes away.  We went all of the time and I think the venues lost their spark for the boys.  2 years later, I decided to get a membership again for something else to do.  We've been to the Dino museum a few times and I can't wait to visit the other venues when it gets warmer.  We're also heading to Scottsdale Arizona next week for 3 days.  It's part of a blog campaign to discover Scottsdale and we've planned the trip all around the boys.  It's supposed to be in the high 70's, maybe into the low 80's!  It will be great to escape the cold for a few days.  Here's to hoping that Spring is right around the corner.

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Janaca said...

I am right there with ya! I am DEFINITELY ready for spring. I'm jealous you get to escape the cold, even if it's for a few days! Have a fun trip, it sounds like a blast.