Friday, February 8, 2013

First OB Appointment, 11 weeks

I had my first OB appointment on my birthday, the 6th.  I was 11 weeks 1 day, and it was a great little addition to the day.  I chose a new OB because I want to deliver at the hospital that I work at.  Believe it or not, I looked at reviews online before choosing him.  He's an older man that has been practicing almost as many years as I've been alive.

I was impressed with the office.  They seemed very organized and I didn't have to wait long at all.  I had my weight and blood pressure taken, gave a urine sample, had blood drawn and then waited to see the Dr.  It had been almost 2 years since I had a pap smear so that they did that as well.  I really like my new Dr.  He was incredibly nice, spent a good amount of time with me, was great to listen to my questions, and even addressed concerns that I hadn't thought about.  He offered to get me a prescription for nausea, but I said I'd been ok controlling it.  I had been until later that night after the appointment when I decided to throw up more times than I could count.  Ironic, yes?  I asked him about running a half marathon in April and he encouraged it, said it was a great idea.  If I ever get enough energy to get some long runs in, I might feel prepared for it.  I told the Dr. that I was an ultrasound tech and he seemed glad that I knew the baby was growing and developing like it should.  He found the heartbeat with the doppler which was fun.  Even though I scan myself often, it's always fun to hear baby's heartbeat.

We talked about c-section timing.  I've gone overdue with both the boys.  Chan was an emergency c-section and Rowan was scheduled when I went overdue and failed to go on my own.  He said they normally deliver a week early, but honestly, I'm wanting to go to my due date.  I know that they usually do c-sections earlier so you don't go into labor as well, but he wasn't worried that I'd go into labor since I haven't ever on my own.  He said if I wanted to go to my due date, that was no problem.  I might schedule for a few days early, but I strongly believe that pregnancy is not a convenience and that we have due dates for a reason.  I get annoyed when I scan women that are 36-37 weeks and say they are so uncomfortable they can't take anymore.  You've been pregnant that long, what is a few more weeks?   I'll get off that rant for now.

I've had a lot of people ask me if I want a girl.  The answer is of course I want a girl, but I also want a boy.  I want a healthy baby, and since the sex was determined long ago, I don't see a point in getting hyped up about it.  I'm just SO excited at the thought of having a baby in the house again.  I'm sure that I will find out a lot earlier just because I can scan myself, so I'm hoping to know if baby is a boy or a girl by the first part of March when I am 15-16 weeks.  My OB was sensitive to the fact that I am an ultrasound tech and asked if I'd rather have someone I know do my scan and not have it done in his office.  I thought it was really thoughtful.  I'm going to schedule it so that my mentor from ultrasound school will do it.  She's amazing, and there's nobody I trust more when it comes to ultrasound.

I am worried about swelling and being pregnant in the heat of the summer.  I retained SO much water with Chandler and he was born in October, I'm nervous what an August baby will be like.

I started doing a video diary once a week starting at 8 weeks.  I knew that I wanted to do a really good job documenting this pregnancy.  Just warning, you might get a lot more detail than you want if you actually read here. ;)  I didn't do a terrible job with the boys, but I don't have much until 16-18 weeks.  I'll share video diaries when I get around to uploading them on youtube.  A lot of my thoughts that are here are also on my videos, but it never hurts to have my bases covered, right?  I also bought some cute tummy stickers so that I can do biweekly photos.

I'm starting to poke out a little, and I can't suck it in, so I'm glad that people know about the baby.  No weight gain yet, but I tend to pack it on in the 3rd trimester.

Alright, I guess I'm done with this novel for now.  I just need to record my thoughts while I have them. Video journals and pictures to come!!  WAHOO!

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Snedakers said...

I'm excited for you! I'm so glad you can find out early what you are having!