Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chan Rides a Bike

Last year, we got a Strider Running Bike for Chandler. It basically doesn't have any pedals and is supposed to teach balance. He used it all of last summer and this Spring when we got it out, it became apparent that he needed a new bike. We got him one for Easter, but since we are going up to Idaho for Easter, we figured we would give it to him early. He was up and running in 15 minutes. 15 minutes! Doesn't it usually take longer than that? Crazy how fast he caught on and now he's looking like a pro. We never put the training wheels on, because that is the purpose of having a balance bike. I'm a firm believer in this Strider bike now, and Rowan is cruising all around on it. He's pretty fast, and I bet he'll be riding a bike next summer. Anyways, we went to play tennis today, so we took bikes and taught Chan there since it was flat and we didn't have to worry about roads. What a fun milestone!

Woohoo!! On his own

Fast little Rowan on the Strider Running Bike.

The Process


Nicole Stucki said...

That's so cool! It's so fun watching them learn new things. I've never heard of the strider bike. I might have to check into that for Sadie. It looks way cool.

Kayla said...

now i know what to get for kate next year for her bday. that little running bike is rad!

way to go chandler- 15 minutes is probably a record or something. that's amazing.

ps great pics!

Avry said...

I loved his comment "I'm big now!" love it! and whoa Rowan at 3 already has the strider mastered! too cute!

Janaca said...

That is so cool!!! Way to go Chandler. Sounds like that strider bike really did help, 15 minutes! What a stud. Definitely sounds like he was ready. So fun to see them take off isn't it?

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

None of my kids learned that fast. That is cool. They both are doing really good.

Jason said...